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I am back! At least for now lol. Just got back from our honeymoon in the States and that was so awesome! Spending every minute with your loved one is pure bliss. I am thankful that for all the beautiful sights seen, it was with the one I love ❤ We are already planning our next trip there, tentatively next summer with my parents!

Well, here’s one outfit that I wore before heading to the States. I’ve been really enjoying chiffon tops recently! However, I only know to pair them with a mid-thigh length skirt. Any other ideas on how to pair them?

1) top from H&M, skirt from BKK

I also did a red lip but my iphone camera doesn’t seem to capture it well. Oh never mind, I am still putting it up because camwhore shots are never enough and my winged eyeliner looks pretty! Haven’t done a winged liner for a long time and it took some practice before I could get it right =o

Hope to get my travel photos up soon! X


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October 17, 2012 at 11:50 AM

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