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Oceanside, CA

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*All photos in this post are unedited*

I never used to appreciate the beach. You may think that it is because Singapore’s beaches are just meh (which is true) but I have been to Gold Coast and I didn’t feel anything special at all.

It was only during our holiday at Great Ocean Road early this year that I was blown away. It suddenly hit me, the love for the salty breeze and sand, looking out and seeing the ocean stretch for miles and miles.

Towards the end of our vacation, we were staying at Wyndham’s Oceanside Pier Resort and the view was absolutely breathtaking. We didn’t go down and explore till after we checked out because we were so busy driving down to LA and whatnot the past couple of days.


The atmosphere was very relaxing, little people walking around, unlike Santa Monica. If you are looking for entertainment, this is definitely not for you. The pier is very simple, with only one store.

There were surfers so we spent some time observing them tackling their next big wave.

I don’t think I can ever surf. Sad to say, my sense of balance is absent most times.

And we spotted these residential pelicans!

So cute, there’s a warning there not to go near them though hahaha.

Look at how the water sparkles.

*outfit of the day: Cardigan from Gap, Tank from ASOS, Jeggings from American Eagle, Sandals from RiverIsland*

Don’t you wish to be in Cali right now too? 😉


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November 12, 2012 at 4:22 PM

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