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My favorite things in Vegas

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After Grand Canyon, we headed back to Vegas and stayed there for 3 nights.

The first night we ended up at Wynn’s for its famous buffet 😀


IMG_2095 IMG_2093

As we were tired from spending the day at Grand Canyon, we left exploring the Strip’s nightlife to the next night.

The first hotel that we hit  the next day was Venetian. My favorite, since it’s really beautiful! I love how all hotels are so extravagant and try to transport you to another place. I guess, that’s why it’s easy to lose touch with reality in Vegas =o


P1040885 P1040879

Loving my drop waist dress from ASOS.



We headed to Caesars Palace next.


Spot the spiral escalator in the bottom right photo! T really loves it, and was telling me how unique the design was and all. To me, as long as it gets me up/down, I don’t really care if it’s straight or spiral lol.

P1040908 P1040911

We also did a little gambling at their jackpot machines and I won a little while before losing everything again. Don’t gamble people!

IMG_2104 IMG_2106

Headed over to New York New York for Zumanity, which is an adult show because come on, we are in Vegas! But, ahhh boring for us. Actually not very interested in the acts and actually found some of them rather revolting. I am a very traditional person *ahem*

But, check out the lady’s eyelashes below!


Got out on the Strip to catch a few free shows at various hotels.

P1040917 P1040918

P1040924 P1040928

P1040937 P1040934

The one at Treasure Island was quite nice 🙂

It was also pretty fun looking at drunk people on the streets making a fool out of themselves 😉 I was especially amused by a guy who kept trying to pick up girls with super cheesy lines like ‘Hey that’s me calling you’ when a random girl’s hp rang.

The next day was also my birthday, October 9!

Since one of my favorite hobbies is shopping, T planned for us to spend a whole day at the Las Vegas Premium Outlets. I prefer the South Wing to the North, which was essentially a mall without the outlet feel.

IMG_2119 IMG_2156

Me in my birthday dress, and T grinning widely after getting his dream bags at Tumi.

He then brought me to the Effiel Tower Restaurant for my birthday dinner. It was a surprise as I thought we would just randomly picked some place, but his boss actually recommended him to bring me here.


IMG_2158 IMG_2151

IMG_2150 The best potato croquette ever.

We had an excellent view of Bellagio Fountains ❤


And that marks the end of my wonderful stay in Vegas and a memorable 24 birthday.

Thanks for reading! xx


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December 10, 2012 at 11:59 PM

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