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Top 12 Beauty Products in 2012

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Didn’t mean to be that dramatic about it, but as I was reading other people’s year-end posts, I got a little emotional and did some self-reflection as well. I started a new job in 2013, travelled less, got married to the most amazing man ever, and started going to church regularly.

These are the main highlights and I am not going to dwell on that because this post is about b-e-a-u-t-y!

I thought it will be fun to share what my top twelve beauty products in 2012 and my thoughts about them. Basically a lot of ‘omg I really love this!’ :p

I also tried not to ramble on too much, though 12 products will still be a lengthy read no matter what. Hope you enjoy reading! ^^


*Products listed in no particular order of preference*


1) Bioderma – Sensibio H2O/ Sebium H2O

This has been amazing! I have heard of Bioderma being amazing and all on Youtube, but I don’t know why I didn’t pick it up when I was in Paris last year. It was only when it became widely available in Guardian that I decided to give it a try.

I have high expectations for it and it didn’t disappoint! Removes my makeup fantastically and doesn’t leave any residue on my skin, both Sensibio and Sebium worked well for me. Best makeup remover ever, works well on both eyes and face but I prefer to use a separate remover for the eyes (not sure why, just a weird preference). I will definitely keep repurchasing but also try out different removers at the same time since I go through them so quickly!

People have complained about the price but honestly, it is on 20% discount so often! After discount, it is $23.90 which I feel is reasonable for 250mL. Especially when comparing to Bifesta, another popular brand of water-based makeup remover.

And, I prefer Bioderma! 🙂


2) Dollywink – Liquid Eyeliner

I bought this as I was rather curious about Dollywink’s products. I love it so much because it is very easy to use and doesn’t smudge. It also does not hurt my eyes while drawing, as some liners somehow can due to their brush being too hard. Removing it is also a breeze, no flaking and all. Just swipe and it’s gone.

Also, the thing is, up till this point, my preference has always been gel liner. So imagine how good it must be for me to use this everyday now. Or maybe my habits just changed haha


These days, I am really preferring using a pencil liner to line my upper lash line first then using liquid liner really close to the lash line to get a soft yet intense look.

3) Dollywink – Eyelash Glue

I am someone who uses falsies everyday because my eyes are too small and mascara don’t do shit to my lashes. After enduring Ardell’s lashglue (it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t exactly great either) for ages, I decided to try different brands.

It took me a really long time to locate Dollywink’s eyelash glue. In between that period of time I was trying out other glues which didn’t manage to impress me. So imagine how happy I was to finally find it! And even more exhilarating to find that it works amazing-balls!

Like seriously. Here’s why – 1) brush is easy to work with, 2) glue stays on ALL DAY, 3) the amount of glue needed is minimal, therefore I am able to re-use my lashes more.

And the packaging is so cute! Major plus point.


4) Benefit – Box Blush in Hervana

I am so glad that I picked this up! It is really a very pretty pink and goes with anything. If I can only take one blush along for a holiday, this will definitely be my choice especially if I will be away for long and want to do a variety of looks.


It smells very nice too, and I have enjoyed using the brush that came along with the blush. Their quality of brushes included in their blushes have improved so much, thank God. It used to be so scratchy *rolls eyes*

Something that doesn’t sit right with me is that they reduced the quantity from 0.35oz to 0.15oz. Like huh? It’s not like I can finish one whole blush since I have so many others but surely they can reduce a little on the price? >.<

5) Benefit’s Watt’s Up

Ordered this on a whim during my last Benefit haul and I didn’t expect to love it so much ❤

Lights up my face very naturally when the sun hits, even my friends could see the difference! Very subtle and pretty.


How I apply the product is to swipe some product on the back of my hand like my swatch and then pick up some of that with my finger tips to dab on my cheekbones.

Favorite highlighter now!


6) Dior Lipstick in Shade 368

I got this sometime last year on a flight in a set of 5 (post here). It surprises me by being moisturizing enough to be applied on the lips without a lipbalm under, and this shade is the perfect pink for me. I have it in my makeup bag along with my lipstick of the day, because it is my fail-proof shade no matter what makeup I have on that day.


Dior lip products never fail to amaze me (love their glosses too!), if only they are not so expensive x_x


7) Rimmel London Kate Matte Lipstick

Got these from ASOS after seeing Haru’s post on them, and I am really surprised by how much I love them! It applies smoothly, stays on well, and the colors are brillant! It also does not dry my lips out, as some matte lipsticks tend to do. One thing to note is that it does have a strong candy smell to it, so for people who cannot stand fragranced products may want to take note of this. I am usually quite sensitive to scents but this was still alright for me as it is a sweet scent, and I love the formula too much to fault Rimmel on this haha.


from left to right: 107, 110, 111

The 3 colors I got are all variations of reds and I am enjoying them especially for this time of the year. Very tempted to get all the shades to complete my collection >.<

My favorite is 111, Kiss of Life!


8) The Face Shop Face It HD Perfect BB Cream

Best BB cream I have tried this year, and I love it so much that I am including it in my top ten!

I am a face product junkie, last August when I went Seoul, I bought a lot of BB creams back and still haven’t managed to get through the stash *sweats*

Anyway, I love BB creams because they usually include a lot of benefits like whitening, anti-aging, spf, etc. This one really impressed me because it covers up pores really well and gives me a flawless finish. When applied, it appears lighter than my natural skin color but by the time I get to the office, it will have adapt to my skin color. I have no issues with that since I drive to work anyway so no one will be noticing the different colors hahaha.


It has a thick consistency, since it promises full coverage, but I prefer a medium coverage so I will mix it with a bb cream that has light consistency (I use Maybelline’s Dream Fresh 8-in-1). This makes it easier for me to blend too!

Oil control is so-so but it may be because I don’t have the habit to use a primer and a setting powder heh


9) Skinfood Argan Oil

This past year has been a craze of argan and macadamia oil on Youtube! (have not been sucked into it though, phew)

Personally I am not a hair person so I have not paid much attention to taking care. But for the past 2 years I have been going to the same salon and starting to take care of my hair after much nagging from my stylist. I bought quite a few hair treatment oils to try out and I have really been satisfied with this!

Smells really good and detangles my hair very quickly. This is a new bottle as I lost my previous one, I suspect my mom kidnapped it because she loves it too! Highly recommend everyone to try it out 🙂


10) Coco Chanel – Chance EDT

I am a perfume person, have I mentioned this before? I used to be really crazy but I have been cutting down. After moving to my new house, I only brought along the perfumes that I enjoyed the most (perfume collection soon maybe!).

This is actually a Valentine’s Day gift from T, because he loves the scent! Surprisingly, I have never tried it before but over time I have really grown to love this. It is my number one scent now, replacing Armani’s Blue Code which I still love but Chance is just more suitable for my style now.


11) Etude House – Apricot Sticks

These babies I picked up in Korea last year randomly because I thought they were cute. Super moisturizing and tinted as well. I feel like these are the asian versions of Revlon’s Lip Butters, just that these Apricot Sticks are not as sticky.


Usually use them when I am lazy and want a pop of color, especially on Sundays when all I have on is tinted moisturizer and blush.


12) Skinfood – Sugar Bloom Shadow Box #3

This I also picked up in Korea!

I think it’s pretty obvious from my picture that I have been using the shade on the left the most.


It is a beautiful neutral that is so easy to apply and works well on its own. There was a period of time when I used just this eyeshadow for days and days. But now I tried to spread my love around my other shadows too. I was actually eyeing another trio and now regretting not picking that up as well. Maybe next time?


And this marks the end of my 12 products! If you have made it to the end, well done and I hope you got some good recommendations on what to try out for the New Year. Do leave a comment if you did a blog post of such, or if you have any mind-blowing beauty discoveries you made in 2012. Please share!

You know, I keep thinking that my Korea trip last August was pretty blah. BUT after writing my reviews and realizing how many treasures I have uncovered, I am tempted to go there again! SHOULD I? Probably 😉

Happy New Year Everyone! xx


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December 31, 2012 at 9:50 PM

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