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The ‘Use-it-up’ Project (15) – January Edition

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First month of 2013, not very exciting products but some are my staples. Enjoy reading! xx


1) Sally Hansen – Fast Acting Nail Polish Remover 

why did I buy it? ‘stole’ it from my mom heh 😉

first impressions? removes nail polishes really well, glitter of course takes more time.

upon finishing? I have repurchased a new bottle! I don’t use up mine very quickly because I go to the salon for nails quite often, but sometimes I do like to switch up my fingernails’ color in between visits. The smell is overpowering but I just have to bear with it because those unscented ones are so expensive! Anyone has got good recommendations for unscented nail polish remover?

2) Steamcream 

why did I buy it? won it through a giveaway from Makeupstash.

first impressions? absorbs really quickly, has a smell that I can’t my finger on. I am alright with the smell, but T doesn’t like it much at all.

upon finishing? I really love how it has worked out and the many cute designs so I have repurchased them through ASOS.

3) The Face Shop – Herb Day Lip & Eye Remover 

why did I buy it? got it from when I was in Seoul, because one can never have enough of eye makeup removers!

first impressions? very gentle and removes my eye makeup really well, does not leave a sticky residue too.

upon finishing? I really love this product but I can’t seem to track it down in local The Face Shop =o I don’t use waterproof mascara so I can’t comment on that.

4) Sephora – daily brush cleaner 

why did I buy it? needed something to spot clean my brushes after using them in the morning.

first impressions? this is the only one that I have tried before and it does seem to work well enough for me.

upon finishing? again, another repurchase!

5) Kose – Makeup Base UV 

why did I buy it? This was bought when I first started exploring makeup and wanted to try out face primers.

first impressions? spreads all over the face quite easily, and did seem to make my makeup last a little longer.

upon finishing? I have not finished this yet, but because it was in my stash for too long so I decided to toss it. Still not a primer girl, but am starting to go into it again! Hopefully I will find something that really makes a difference in my routine.


6) Etude House – Blackhead heating scrub

why did I buy it? got it in Korea too, on the hunt for something for my blackheads!

first impressions? warms up quite quickly but I really didn’t see a difference in my nose. I wonder if I am using it the wrong way or washing it away too quickly?

upon finishing? Another product I did not finish as well because the packaging somehow managed to slit open so I decided to throw it away since I wasn’t having much results with it again =x


It’s Thursday already, and I can’t wait for the weekend! 🙂


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January 31, 2013 at 11:11 AM

what I’ve been wearing…(19)

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Monday, another start of the week.

I wish I don’t suffer from a case of Monday blues, but I do every single week! Is this bad? Feel like I am just passing through life, without really living it =/

Somehow, keeping this blog maintains a little of my sanity. Although I don’t know how.


This post’s focus is on this H&M zipper skirt that I have, not my Monday blues.

I remember getting this in Hongkong’s H&M! For the longest time, I didn’t wear it at all because I didn’t know how to pair it except with a white blouse that I have. Now that I have more white tops, I get to wear it with alternate between them for a different look.

IMG_3083 IMG_3082

1) top from Bershka, skirt from H&M, bag from Balenciaga, flats from ASOS

IMG_3085 IMG_3084

2) white tank from ASOS, knit from Love Bonito, skirt from H&M, bag from Balenciaga, heels from Zara


I actually really liked how the second look turned out! Very casual chic 🙂

Pinterest is my favorite place to get inspiration and it really helps me to look at the current clothing items I have and style them differently.

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January 28, 2013 at 5:32 PM

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Downtown LA

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After surviving the Death Valley Drive from Vegas to LA, we spent the night in Oceanside. The next morning, we drove almost 2 hours to get to downtown LA!


Was very excited because I seriously thought that I would be able to spot some stars but no, not a single one. Plus, the weather was super gloomy! It drizzled on and off….


Found a place to park here for USD$10 for the whole day and got tickets for the Hop-on Hop-off bus. Didn’t really enjoy it because the bus was super late at the end of the day (I suspect it was due to the shitty traffic in LA). Think it’s better for people who wants to explore more places by switching lines and going to the beach.

While waiting for T to come back with my pullover because it was getting cold, I got approached by Mr Incredible to take a photo together.

I naively thought it would be free but just before another tourist helped to snap the photo (with my camera) he showed me a wad of cash in his palm and told me that I have to tip him afterwards. That sneaky bastard! Shocked, I asked him how much and he said it depends on myself and gave a gauge of $20.


This explains my forced-to-smile face in the photos below.

P1050050 P1050051 P1050052

In the end I only gave him US$3 and said he would have to wait for my husband to be back if he wants more because I have no more change. Obviously, he didn’t want to wait.

Anyway, unhappy things aside!

After T got back, we got on the hop-on hop-off bus and started our journey. Stopped at sunset boulevard even though there’s not much here because we were getting hungry.

P1050055 P1050059



After lunch we continued our journey and stopped near Rodeo Drive. But the thing is they dropped us so far away and it’s not possible for us to walk there if not we would miss the next bus. Another reason why I feel that taking the bus is a waste of money.



P1050071 P1050075

Well, at least we did manage to take some pretty photos along the streets.



The most exciting place for me was The Groove because the whole vibe there is so cheery. However, I spent most of my time in Forever 21 choosing some accessories so I didn’t get to explore the whole place. T insisted that we not spend over 30 minutes there in case we can’t view the Hollywood sign after the sun sets 😡


Really pretty right!

And below with some flowers 🙂


And yes, we did manage to catch a view of the Hollywood sign! Very far away and after my 3x zoom this is what I managed to capture.


I had thought I would be able to take a photo next to it but it was only after I came back then I realized I would have to drive there. Well I can only blame myself for not doing enough research!

Ended the day with some shopping at American Eagle, Sephora, and Victoria’s Secret so that cheered me up quite a bit.


ootd: dress from ASOS, pullover from Aeropostale, scarf and sandals from River Island

sorry for whining so much in this post!

It was just one of the more disappointing days throughout the whole trip but I still did enjoy myself because it’s the company that matters ❤

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January 23, 2013 at 11:24 PM

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Recent Makeup…..(1)

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I want to start recording the makeup I am using at the moment because I thought it will be fun to look back on. At first, I was thinking on a monthly basis but I found out that I get bored very quickly (although there should be some staples you will see often). So here’s the items I have been using for the past 2 weeks.

This is going to be very random and hopefully fun! 😀


1) Dollywink Liquid Eyeliner in black

2) Skinfood Creamy Smoky Crayon in shade 02

3) Za Ever Brows in Natural Brown

4) Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in Marry Up

5) Visee Eyeshadow palette in BR-2

This is my only Visee eyeshadow palette and it seems a little sheer which is common for Japanese brands. This is because Japanese usually prefer layering their shadows for a multi-dimensional look. I used Benefit’s Creaseless Cream Shadow as a base before using one of the darker colors over it (any one, depending on my mood). Then I will use either one of the lighter shades as my inner corner highlight.

I then use a pencil liner to line my eyes then go over it with a liquid liner close to the lash line for extra definition.


6) Skin79 Dream Girls BB cream

7) Maybelline Fit Me Foundation in 125

8) Physicians Formula Happy Booster in Translucent

9) M.A.C. Blush in Tippy

10) Maybelline Mineral Power Concealer

I mix the bb cream and foundation together to get a shade that is closer to my skintone as the foundation is a bit too yellow for my liking! M.A.C.’s Tippy is a bright pink and I dust some physicians formula happy booster over it for an extra glow/highlight. Concealer is mainly for undereye area, one of the items that I am trying to finish for Project Use-it-Up!


11) E.L.F Complexion Perfect

12) Cath Kidston Lipbalm in Rose

13) Chanel Rouge Allure in Passion

To complete the face, I dust some E.L.F powder over my T zone to help control the oil. This powder is supposed to be brightening and color-correcting! Been slightly obsessed with red lips lately and Chanel’s Passion is my recent lip. It is a very soft red and thus very wearable.

Look out for more of such posts in future! xx

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January 21, 2013 at 9:57 PM

My email to Pandora Jewelry

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Recently, I had an extremely unpleasant experience at a Pandora Jewelry outlet. I had sent an email to them but there’s no response so I have decided to post it on my blog to remind myself never to go back there and to warn other people about their bad customer service.


Dear Anne,

I came across your email on Pandora’s website when I was looking for an avenue to feedback my recent experience at one of Pandora’s outlets (the one at Ion Orchard).

Before I start, I must say that I have always liked Pandora because its charms are lovely and provides some form of customization, yet it does not look tacky. I enjoyed wearing my bracelet everyday and get compliments often. And because I wear it often, I do try to get it polished at the shop every few months. I am happy that Pandora has more outlets as compared to the past but I go to Ion Orchard more often as it is close to where I stay.

On 26 December (just this past Wednesday), I went to Ion for dinner with friends and I made a point to deposit my bracelet first as I know it will take more than one hour before they can polish my bracelet and hand it back to me (is it even normal to take more than one hour?!).

I reached the store with my friend around 650pm and all the store’s assistants were busy with customers. I stood near the counter and Shida (on her tag, and it says store manager) acknowledged me and asked me to wait while she served other customers. I didn’t even get a chance to tell her that I just want to drop off my bracelet for polishing. So I waited while she served 2 customers. Meanwhile, she did not even ask me what my intention was but she did manage to juggle 2 separate customers showing both of them charms and what not.

After 20 minutes, the second customer finally made her purchase and left. I suspect that she wants to keep me waiting and hopefully my patience runs out and she won’t have to deal with me as I already took off my bracelet and was patiently waiting for her to attend to me while chatting with my friend.

Anyway, she actually asked me to continue waiting as she wanted to serve another customer that her colleague was juggling! At that time, as I mentioned, I already had my bracelet off and I would think that my intention was quite obvious (to have it polished!).

I couldn’t wait any longer as we were meeting other friends for dinner so I told her that I just want to leave it for cleaning and told her that she can take her time as I am going off for dinner. She grudgingly said ok, BUT I would have to come back tomorrow to collect it. At the moment, I was shocked and repeated that it was ok for me to come back late and collect at the end of the day. Her explanation was that there were a lot of customers so she won’t have the time to polish today.

Again is it even normal practice to ask customers to come back tomorrow? Why not ask the current customers to come back tomorrow to browse?

So Anne, my question to you, is serving a new customer (who may not even give you a sale) more important than serving an existing customer who has already purchased and more likely to purchase more charms in future?

I tried to maintain my stand that I wanted it to be polished by tonight and do you know what your store manager told me? “If you really want, I can ask my intern to polish but it will not be as clean”. First, if she has to spare someone, is it necessary for her to emphasize that I can only get an intern to clean it? Secondly, is she threatening me by saying that my bracelet won’t be as clean but because I insisted on it so she has no choice but to do a hasty job?

Same question again, so new customers deserve a fully qualified person to serve them but an existing customer can’t even manage to secure someone to sit down for ten minutes to polish her bracelet? In addition, serving a new customer will most definitely take more than ten minutes! Surely you can understand my disappointment and frustration.

In the end, I gave up arguing with her as I am very upset and do not want to spoil my mood for dinner with friends later on.

Usually, I would let unpleasant experiences pass and not hold a grudge but this is not the first time I have experienced such bad attitude from this outlet’s staff. I cannot remember when the other times were but this is the most recent one. The other times were also not as extreme (but still a bad experience!).

This has left a bad taste and I would most definitely not be heading back to this particular outlet, or even in Singapore since I can get Pandora elsewhere too. I will also not recommend my friends to get anything from Pandora if I had known that the after-service would be so sub-standard (although I don’t seem to have any issues with other outlets)

Maybe it’s time to focus some of the marketing efforts on training your service staff instead.

I sincerely hope that you will take my feedback into serious consideration and do something about it.

Thank you for your attention.



If you have made it to the end, kudos to you! Say no to bad customer service, we should speak up more often 🙂

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January 17, 2013 at 7:38 PM

Death Valley National Park

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Continuing on with my honeymoon posts this weekend =)

After Vegas, we planned to head to LA for the rest of our holiday. We set out pretty early because we took a detour and went to Death Valley National Park.

Enjoy the beautiful photos!



Death Valley isn’t one of the well-known National Parks so we don’t see a lot of people around (unlike Grand Canyon). Must be very scary if you are here at night!




I felt like I am so small, overwhelmed by how vast and empty the land is.




It sure was very interesting driving through it, experiencing the different pressures when we were below sea level and then over 10,000 feet when we were at the mountains.






Very eerily beautiful, would definitely recommend it for anyone who’s in the vicinity. xx

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January 13, 2013 at 4:17 PM

what I’ve been wearing…(18)

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Hello hello!

My weekend flew by really quickly, because we were so swamped with activities. I am really looking forward to chilling at home this weekend though, I am a real hermit at heart! =x

Here’s another post of ‘What I’ve been wearing’. I haven’t been buying a lot of clothes recently, or at least compared to the past when I have a few parcels reaching me every week. The reason being because I don’t have space and I didn’t want to feel overwhelmed by everything.

So I have been wearing a lot of my favorites from the past and slowly phasing out some that are from a few years back and are not my style anymore. Passing them along to my sister!

IMG_2873 IMG_2872

1) Dress from ASOS

One of my favorite dresses that I see myself wearing again and again. The quality is pretty awesome too 😀


2) Dress from ASOS, Cardigan from Cotton On, Belt from BKK, bag from Tods

IMG_2637 IMG_2638

3) Top from Zara, Hi-low skirt from Cotton On, Belt from ASOS

I’ve styled this skirt a few times but this is my favorite look so far.


4) Cardigan from J.Crew, skirt from H&M, bag from Tods

I am on the fence about keeping this skirt initially because I felt like it is difficult to wear it differently each time. Recently I have been into exploring different textures in a look and I am surprised at how this turns out. The soft cotton of the cardigan really complement the chiffon skirt. Will try pairing it with cable-knits next probably!


5) Dress from Hervelvetvase, Cardigan from Cotton On, Bag from Balenciaga

Yes, please say hi to my new baby from Balenciaga that T got for my birthday from Vegas during our honeymoon! 🙂

So glad that I finally bite the bullet and decided on a Bal because I have been lusting after it for so long that I ended up buying other things to make myself feel better. Works temporarily only, of course.

Don’t assume that I won’t buy any other bags, because I still have a long list of items that I am lusting after :p

Slowly but surely yo 😉

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