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what I’ve been wearing…(18)

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Hello hello!

My weekend flew by really quickly, because we were so swamped with activities. I am really looking forward to chilling at home this weekend though, I am a real hermit at heart! =x

Here’s another post of ‘What I’ve been wearing’. I haven’t been buying a lot of clothes recently, or at least compared to the past when I have a few parcels reaching me every week. The reason being because I don’t have space and I didn’t want to feel overwhelmed by everything.

So I have been wearing a lot of my favorites from the past and slowly phasing out some that are from a few years back and are not my style anymore. Passing them along to my sister!

IMG_2873 IMG_2872

1) Dress from ASOS

One of my favorite dresses that I see myself wearing again and again. The quality is pretty awesome too 😀


2) Dress from ASOS, Cardigan from Cotton On, Belt from BKK, bag from Tods

IMG_2637 IMG_2638

3) Top from Zara, Hi-low skirt from Cotton On, Belt from ASOS

I’ve styled this skirt a few times but this is my favorite look so far.


4) Cardigan from J.Crew, skirt from H&M, bag from Tods

I am on the fence about keeping this skirt initially because I felt like it is difficult to wear it differently each time. Recently I have been into exploring different textures in a look and I am surprised at how this turns out. The soft cotton of the cardigan really complement the chiffon skirt. Will try pairing it with cable-knits next probably!


5) Dress from Hervelvetvase, Cardigan from Cotton On, Bag from Balenciaga

Yes, please say hi to my new baby from Balenciaga that T got for my birthday from Vegas during our honeymoon! 🙂

So glad that I finally bite the bullet and decided on a Bal because I have been lusting after it for so long that I ended up buying other things to make myself feel better. Works temporarily only, of course.

Don’t assume that I won’t buy any other bags, because I still have a long list of items that I am lusting after :p

Slowly but surely yo 😉


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January 7, 2013 at 2:43 PM

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  1. I think you are looking gorgeous in Hi-low skirt dress and J.Crew, skirt is giving you professional look.


    January 7, 2013 at 3:52 PM

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