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Hanskin Glossy BB cream

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I am going to do beauty reviews more regularly again, simply because I have a lot of products and I do like to keep track of what I think of the product when I was using it. Of course, hopefully it benefits you guys as well :p

Today’s star is Hanskin’s Glossy BB cream!

I am sure everyone is already familiar with BB creams and need no further introduction of the product. Hanskin is a popular Korean brand and their BB creams have been raved by many.


This BB cream was included in a sample set that I got, containing x other BB creams, 10mL each. I had thought that it would be a good idea to try out Hanskin’s BB creams and also these little guys are super convenient to carry around when I am traveling!


*My preference is to have a natural looking finish, slightly dewy so please keep that in mind while reading the below thoughts!*

Coverage: I find that the coverage is rather sheer but enough to even out my skintone which is what I want to achieve for a normal workday. If I need more coverage, I would either mix this BB cream with a higher coverage base or use a pressed powder on top of my base.

Texture and how to apply it: It spreads rather easily. I find that using fingers or sponge works out fine gives the same effect so it’s up to your preference!

Oil-control: I have saw a few reviews online saying that the oil control is good but sadly, it isn’t the case for me. It lasts for 3-4 hours before starting to shine.



The photo on the left is taken in the morning before I leave for work while the one on the right is after a day of work.

I am not sure if you can see the difference (!) but I just wanted to make a note here that I blotted during mid-day and touched up with pressed powder. Otherwise, I don’t think the BB cream alone can last that long considering the hot and humid weather in Singapore.

Who would I recommend this to: Anyone who is looking for something to even out your skin tone, with dry-combi skin and likes the glowy look!

Do you have this BB cream? If so, let me know what you think of it! xx


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February 20, 2013 at 5:29 PM

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Santa Monica

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Finally found the mood to continue with my Honeymoon posts yay! Looking at the photos cheered me up on a moody day, especially since this was one of my favorite days.

Being away from the city, and just walking hand in hand by the beach ❤

Have I mentioned how much I love the rows of palm trees lining California?


We took the Pacific Coast Highway for a scenic road but of course, nothing will ever compare to Great Ocean Road!


And ta-da, finally arriving at Santa Monica!


Isn’t it beautiful?!

Time to let the photos do the talking again, heh 😉


P1050114 P1050115




P1050140 P1050137

This was also the first time that I took off my shoes for the beach and actually enjoyed the sand. I usually hate the feel of sand on my bare feet and will fight to keep my shoes on :p

Maybe there’s something magical about the sand, so soft and warm.




P1050170 P1050151

That’s me realising that I went too deep into the water and therefore trying to get out asap HAHA.

Note to self: don’t ever wear maxi dresses to the beach again!


And that’s my Santa Monica experience, summed up in beautiful photos.

Headed to Venice Beach afterwards and I will have the photos up sooooon I hope!

Good weekend everyone xxx 🙂

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February 16, 2013 at 7:53 PM

what I’ve been wearing…(20)

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Happy Chinese New Year to everyone who celebrates!

Been very busy the past 2 weeks. Wanted to do the last part of my honeymoon posts but couldn’t find the chance to upload the photos yet T_T

I haven’t been taking many outfit photos recently, and these are the last of what I have. Need to get more inspired!

IMG_3111 IMG_3112

1) Shirt + Skirt + Shoes from Zara, bag from Balenciaga

If you don’t already know, Zara is one of my favorite places to shop! 😉

IMG_3114 IMG_3113

2) Peplum top from Love Bonito, pants from Mango, bag from Balenciaga

IMG_3116 IMG_3115

3) Top from Zara, Skirt and Flats from Smooch, bag from Balengiaca

Smooch is another favorite place to shop, and they often offer Zara inspired items. Highly recommend everyone to check them out!

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February 13, 2013 at 11:43 AM

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