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Santa Monica

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Finally found the mood to continue with my Honeymoon posts yay! Looking at the photos cheered me up on a moody day, especially since this was one of my favorite days.

Being away from the city, and just walking hand in hand by the beach ❤

Have I mentioned how much I love the rows of palm trees lining California?


We took the Pacific Coast Highway for a scenic road but of course, nothing will ever compare to Great Ocean Road!


And ta-da, finally arriving at Santa Monica!


Isn’t it beautiful?!

Time to let the photos do the talking again, heh 😉


P1050114 P1050115




P1050140 P1050137

This was also the first time that I took off my shoes for the beach and actually enjoyed the sand. I usually hate the feel of sand on my bare feet and will fight to keep my shoes on :p

Maybe there’s something magical about the sand, so soft and warm.




P1050170 P1050151

That’s me realising that I went too deep into the water and therefore trying to get out asap HAHA.

Note to self: don’t ever wear maxi dresses to the beach again!


And that’s my Santa Monica experience, summed up in beautiful photos.

Headed to Venice Beach afterwards and I will have the photos up sooooon I hope!

Good weekend everyone xxx 🙂


Written by whitepaperroses

February 16, 2013 at 7:53 PM

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