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The ‘Use-it-up’ Project (16) – February Edition

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Sorry for the silence, been away for almost a month because I have been incredibly busy with travels and work. Also, T has not been around much and I am the only one doing all the work around the house! T_T

I deliberated on whether to still put this post up or not since it’s already mid-March but decide to bite the bullet and go ahead anyway.


Used up some sample sized products as I have too many lying around. Expect to see more of these because I really do not hoard so many samples!


1) Manufaktura – Shower Peeling (or shower scrub as we call it)

why did I buy it? saw this shop everywhere when I was in Prague in end of 2011, so I couldn’t resist picking up some items from them. Especially this since it smells so nice!

first impressions? smells good, exfoliates well but is gentle on the skin too.

upon finishing? I really like it but I guess I won’t have the chance to repurchase this =o

2) L’occitane  – Beauty Milk in Pristine Flora 

why did I buy it? part of a gift set that I got in States while I was there last Oct. Thought it will be a good way to try out some of L’occitane’s products since they are rather pricey if you purchase ala carte.

first impressions? doesn’t smell like what I remember in the shop, but not unpleasant.

upon finishing? absorbs alright, not fast but it did get absorbed into the skin by the time I finished whatever I was up to that night. I could still smell it the next morning and my blanket smells of it too! Again, not unpleasant but just surprised and thought I should point that out as some people are rather sensitive to fragrances.

3) Vichy – Lipometric

why did I buy it? Part of a sample pack I got when I purchased some other Vichy items.

first impressions? honestly I don’t quite know where to apply this, and I do not have cellulite (thankfully) so I applied it on my thighs which should be the area most prone to cellulite? Anyway it is very light and absorbs quickly! Not sticky at all so you can apply it during the daytime and then wear pants too.

upon finishing? Since I do not have cellulite and mine is such a small sample, I can’t really say if I will repurchase this or not. Probably not for now.


4) Charles Worthington – Dream Hair Hair Masque 

why did I buy it? when I was in a hair mask phase and just thought I could try this out as I had a good experience with one of their styling products.

first impressions? I felt like the minute I applied the product to my hair, it just slipped right off! So I had to use more than usual for my hair.

upon finishing? It moisturizes like a normal conditioner so I am definitely not impressed with it! In addition, I used this up pretty fast due to the larger amount needed for each application.

5) L’oreal– Eleseve Nutri-Gloss Light Caring Shampoo

why did I buy it? for one of my travels.

first impressions? Cleanses my hair pretty well!

upon finishing? I do think it is a good shampoo, but right now I am also quite happy with Dove for keeping my hair conditioned so I am not sure if I will want to switch to this.


6) Laneige– Strawberry Yoghurt Pack

why did I buy it? Because Buzbeauty raved about it!

first impressions? smells really good but how should I actually use it? The first few times I actually use apply it on, massage my face and then rinse. Didn’t really see any results from that.

upon finishing? I gave up using it after awhile because I have a lot of skincare to try and rotate around, but I am glad I went back to finish it up! For my second go at it, I leave the mask on for around 5-10 minutes and then massage and rinse off. This does lave my face with a glow afterwards, and I do like the scent! Right now I am trying similar type of masks from Skinfood as well so I will have to see how that goes before deciding on whether I want to repurchase this!

7) Bioderma – Sebium H2O (Combination or Oily Skin)

why did I buy it? My second bottle already and it is now my holy grail for removing makeup 🙂

first impressions? still works well for my skin and the makeup I’ve been using 😀

upon finishing? Right now using the one for sensitive skin, I actually think I prefer the one for sensitive skin more. But anyway, I will continue to purchase Bioderma for makeup removal!

Hope you had enjoyed this post, albeit it being late.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend xx


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March 17, 2013 at 4:04 PM

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