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Last September in Shanghai

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This was my third time in Shanghai, for T to visit his family. Since it’s to visit his family, we usually won’t do anything much but just hang around new places. And the trip would only be like, 2-3 days! Super rush but we decided that I should save my leave days for other vacations hehee.

Very determined to make a beach vacation happen this year!

Meanwhile, enjoy these photos of Shanghai that are not of the Bund and Yu Garden.


P1040544 P1040543



I was very happy that I finally got to try 小龙虾!

T also decided to bring me to this newly opened tourist boat ride – 苏州河水上游览. So new that apparently no one knows about it yet and we ended up being the only passengers!



P1040564 P1040569




At night after dinner at his parents’s house, we headed out to 新天地 for some drinks.

P1040647 P1040658


Rather touristy but still enjoyed being out at night since the weather was so good.

And that marks my trip in September! I should have blogged about this before my honeymoon but the US photos are just too awesome to not share them first 😉

Look out for more Shanghai photos since I went there again just at the start of this month! Bye for now xx


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