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The ‘Use-it-up’ Project (17) – March Edition

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Hello, I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter break!

I’m glad I managed to keep myself away from chocolate eggs BUT I feel like I am developing a double chin <:(

Here’s what I used up in March, thankful that I am not too late this time round. Right now I am kind of worried about what I am going to use up this month, and next because none of my items seem to be finishing! Time to reorganize and change up my routine a little.


1) Origins – VitaZing SPF15

why did I buy it? Makeupbytiffanyd always raves about this so I decided to get it. Recently she has switched over to Smashbox bb cream though!

first impressions? smells a little weird, and I didn’t really know the right amount to use. Did give a tiny bit of coverage though.

upon finishing? I got used to the smell in the end and figured out that I had to use just a tiny amount. I had all along thought that this is a moisturizer but now they are marketing this in Asia as a bbcream? Anyway this lasted me for over half a year because I was only using it as a morning moisturizer. I felt that it was alright, but not fantastic so I won’t be repurchasing it.

2) The Bodyshop – Vitamin E Moisture Serum

why did I buy it? got this during one of their sales because I had wanted to start including serums in my skincare routine.

first impressions? absorbs really quickly and doesn’t smell weird like some Vitamin E products!

upon finishing? I really like it! I felt that it really did help my skin to be brighter and remain clearer. Right now I have a few other serums on hand but I do think that it is very likely that I will repurchase this in future but maybe use it as a daytime serum instead of night time.

3) Dollywink – Eyelash Glue

why did I buy it? needed a good eyelash glue and spotted it in Watsons.

first impressions? I just had to use a tiny bit but the glue stayed on really well!

upon finishing? I liked it so much that I included this in my 2012 beauty favorites ❤ You know how some eyelash glue’s quality detoriate towards the end, like my eyelash wouldn’t stay on the whole day but this quality is the same throughout. Much love for it since I use falsies like 90% of the time I put on makeup haha.

4) Canmake – Lash Care Essence

why did I buy it? wanted to take care of my lashes because I do eye makeup almost every day.

first impressions? didn’t irritate my eyes which is good.

upon finishing? I didn’t finish it, because I was too lazy to use it routinely to really see a difference so I don’t really have much to comment about it =s

5) Silk Naturals – Blush in Carnal

why did I buy it? bought this when community sprees were all the rage! also when mineral makeup just started getting a lot of attention and Silk Naturals was one of the companies that were being raved about besides M.A.D. minerals and Everyday Minerals etc.

first impressions? a little too pigmented, but still manageable. The color is towards matte, and it was alright. Not the kind of color I would go for everyday since I prefer bright blushes.

upon finishing? I thought it was an ok blush, if you are into mineral makeup then it’s worth taking a look. Personally I prefer pressed blushes because it’s much easier to work with. And again, the color! Just not something I would reach for everyday.

6) M.A.D. Minerals – Mineral Foundation

why did I buy it? also, during the time when mineral makeup was all the rage so I wanted to try out mineral foundation too! Honestly quite glad that I got mini samples only especially since I dragged on for years before using them. Good thing about mineral foundation is that they don’t have expiry date (please correct me if I am wrong!).

first impressions? buildable coverage, and surprisingly it stays on better than I thought it would. However, it is just too troublesome for me to use it as I had to pour it out, and use a brush to work it.

upon finishing?  it is not that bad, except that it’s too troublesome to use. I also prefer the finish I get from my bb creams/liquid foundations since I am more of a dewy finish kind of girl. I got an olive and a natural one and I mixed the two together to get my perfect color although the olive is too yellow for me so I actually still got a little leftover from the olive.

And that’s all for this month! I am really glad that March is over, it has been a crazy month with so many things going on and T being away for like 2/3 of the month. Looking forward to more quality time spent together in April and also hopefully start planning a summer holiday at the beach!

Thanks for reading xx


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April 3, 2013 at 11:33 AM

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