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I am fairly certain that I will not be able to become a fashion blogger because I keep forgetting to take my outfits! But I have found a good spot which is just out at my lift in the morning when the sunlight is really good so that is going to be my new background 😀


1) Blazer and Belt from ASOS, dress from River Island


2) Dress and shoes from ASOS, Pullover from Bangkok


3) Scarf from FCUK, Top from Victoria’s Secret, Skirt from Korea, Bag from Karen Millen


4) Dress from H&M, Scarf from Gap, Bag from Karen Millen


5) Dress from ASOS, Bag from Karen Millen, Shoes from Zara

I think I love my third outfit the most, and that was my church attire one Saturday. Also making it a point to wear my scarves more often though it can get so hot sometimes. Have not been buying a lot of clothes recently as I feel like I don’t need anything new. Also feeling the need to purge but I am not sure what to purge! Really need to spend one weekend to look through everything and think about it hard.

Who had thought that being vain can be so difficult?


Written by whitepaperroses

April 15, 2013 at 12:09 AM

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