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Sydney – Part 2

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The second touristy attraction that I headed over to is the Sydney Eye Tower!


The view was really magnificent, though I am not really sure if it’s worth AUD$30. Everything is just so expensive in Australia =s

Still, I hope you enjoy the photos below!






After staying there for like 15 minutes, I decided to walk around the area and stumbled upon a part of Hyde Park. I said a part, because I completely didn’t know it’s Hyde Park! I thought this is some random fountain haha.





After which I went back to the hotel to rest for a while since I have been out since 10am as there wasn’t any rooms ready.

I am glad for the good weather throughout the whole day. One more post about Sydney and that’s my favorite because of the sunset 🙂


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May 29, 2013 at 6:34 PM

Sydney – Part 1

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Towards the end of March, I had to go to Sydney for work. Since I have never been to Sydney before, I went there 1 day earlier to explore the city.


Happened to chance upon this while walking towards the aquarium ❤

Love the blue skies that greeted me everywhere I turned.



My first actual stop is the aquarium, which I kind of regret now since the tickets were pretty expensive and I could see almost all the same wildlife over here in Singapore. I wish I had just gone to the park for a picnic the whole afternoon but that didn’t seem like a 1 person activity.

Nevertheless, here’s the photos from the aquarium and more to come from other touristy attractions :p






P1060392 P1060399










Sorry that this post took so long to go up!

I was in China for 9 days and didn’t realise that they had blocked off WordPress as well. Can’t believe how fast this month had passed, just another week and I will be starting a new job. Excited and a bundle of nerves, one night I even dreamt about already working for 2 days. I am definitely praying that I will be able to rise up to the new responsibilities and fit into the company’s culture nicely.

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May 26, 2013 at 2:18 PM

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My life in Instagram (2)

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Yet another series I started and abandoned *sheepish*

I started it because I had just gotten Instagram not too long ago and wanted it to be part of the blog! Currently, I am still addicted to IG but just gotten lazy with le blog heh.

So here’s some of my favorite photos from there, I post mainly outfits and food. Follow me @ashlynechen if you haven’t already 😉


1) one bored day in Sydney. photos from Sydney coming up next! 🙂


2) brunch with Terry, my bro and church mates. blessed afternoon with awesome food ❤


3) my very first attempt at a green smoothie! spinach, bananas and apples. Does not work as a meal replacement for me because I get hungry after 2 hours =/ BUT a good way for me to get some veggies in my diet.


4) brunch I made the other day for T and I. Satisfying.


5) another selfie lol.


6) chicken mango salad, really easy and healthy 🙂 I am trying to eat better for some meals, better than nothing and is a start.


7) my new bag! From Rebecca Minkoff, been lusting for it since forever and didn’t get it when I was in the States last year. But I am glad I decided to bite the bullet and order it off Shopbop when they had 20% off (score!). Very happy with my purchase, it is made really well and I love the color. Still I wish it is an inch wider, this bag can hold the minimun, good for training myself not to bring so much crap out.


Excited to be heading to Beijing this Thursday but feeling a bit meh about heading over to Shanghai and Shenzhen again. Guess I will probably be spending most of my time in the hotel room and catch up with my reading.

Will definitely have plenty of time to blog! xx

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May 13, 2013 at 5:37 PM

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Su Zhou

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Besides hanging around Qi Bao Lao Jie for a day when I was in Shanghai early March, T also decided that we should head to Suzhou for a day trip 😀

The main attraction for this is 拙政园, the largest garden in Suzhou. T said that the characteristic of this garden is no matter where you turn there is always something new to look at. It does seem that way, and rather confusing for me to identify where I am.







I love my polka dot jeans from Zara so much! It’s been a while since I have enjoyed wearing jeans.




Pretty 梅花! I felt so happy looking at them, just because I love looking at flowers and also because you can only see them in winter and knowing that I managed to catch them makes me feel smug. Not a very good reason I know haha.


P1060302 P1060304













We then headed to 观前街 for a walk, but there really isn’t much there.



I really enjoyed the day with T though, love to have him all to myself and not distracted by work! ❤

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May 7, 2013 at 12:04 PM

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The ‘Use-it-up’ Project (18) – April Edition

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I actually fell sick on the first day of May! What a way to start the month T_T

Where did April go to anyway? I feel like 2013 has been passing pretty quickly. Or maybe time just passes more quickly as you get older.

This month, I have quite a few Bath & Body Works items! Hope you enjoy as usual and feel motivated to work through your stash xx


1) Simple – Cleansing Facial Wipes

why did I buy it? Heard about this on Youtube from a lot of different gurus that it’s good, I am a sucker for YT reviews especially if it’s by my favorite gurus. If they love it, I gotta have it yo!

first impressions? The wipe seems a little rough on my skin, as compared to the Biore wipes I was using previously but it is much larger and I really appreciate that since I have got a huge face.

upon finishing? I ended up really liking this product because it cleanses really well, even eyeliner and mascara. Didn’t try it on waterproof mascara though. Also, the wipe didn’t seem that rough towards the end and I figured it might be some kind of an exfoliating function. The last few wipes dried out a little (but still usable) but it’s totally understandable because I only used it like, once a week.

2)  Bath & Body Works – Hand Lotion in Wildhoney Suckle

why did I buy it? First time in an actual Bath&Body Works store of course I had to get me some hand lotions!

first impressions? the smell is too overpowering, I don’t even understand why I got this scent in the first place T__T

upon finishing? I left it in the car and used it whenever I can, and since the smell is so strong it actually acts as an car freshener as well hahahha. Still, not a repurchase for me though. So over these antibacterial hand lotions.

3) The Body Shop – Satsuma Puree Body Lotion

why did I buy it? got this as part of a Christmas exchange last year!

first impressions? love the scent! This is not my first bottle of TBS’s puree body lotion so I know what to expect. My actual first impression wasn’t good as I felt that it is not moisturizing at all but it works well as a daytime moisturizer.

upon finishing? Love this scent, will repurchase if there is a sale! :p

4) Bath & Body Works – Body Lotion in Rainkissed Leaves

why did I buy it? I think I stole this from one of the hotels I stayed in while in US, can’t remember where though.

first impressions? LOVE THE SCENT SO MUCH! Which is why I stole this bottle #dontjudge

upon finishing? This scent is seriously so good! However, I have been unable to locate this in stores ;( Maybe I will try ordering online one day.

5) Bath & Body Works – Anti-bacterial Hand Gel in Holly Berry 

why did I buy it? got this when I ordered from their site during Black Friday which is why this is a festive scent.

first impressions? does not dry out my hands and has a nice scent.

upon finishing? I love the fact that they come in all kinds of scents. Singapore doesn’t have such hand sanitizers right?!

6) ZA– Ever Brows in Natural Brown

why did I buy it? need a new eyebrow pencil and this was on sale in Watsons.

first impressions? very easy to use, actually I am not an expert on eye brows so not too fussy on it.

upon finishing? Have already repurchased this but in another shade, the good thing about this is that it comes with a spoolie for me to brush out the hairs.

7) Chanel – Pencil Eye Liner

why did I buy it? got this like super long ago! I am ashamed to admit that the only reason why I got this is because CHANEL.

first impressions? smudges like hell on my eyes and I hate it! But it’s chanel so of course I gotta make it work.

upon finishing? I figured that this doesn’t work well on its own so I usually use it to trace the line I am going to draw then go over it with liquid eyeliner. I don’t find it troublesome at all because I am still using this technique now as it gives me a softer eye look. Also, because of the ridiculous number of years I own this eyeliner, it actually started irritating my skin. I was like what is causing my eye lids to flake like crazy when my skin is not dry at all and even resorted to using a lot of eye cream -.-

So moral of the story, purge your makeup regularly! I try to do that, even though I am no good at it.

Here’s to hoping that May will pass quickly, because exciting stuff is going to happen in June (for me anyway) 😉

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May 4, 2013 at 1:53 PM