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The ‘Use-it-up’ Project (20) – June Edition

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Where did June go?!

I have been so busy with work, which is good since time passes really fast, but I end up really tired at night. Also cherish my weekends a lot more now haha 😉

Still making an effort to do this installment! Even if it’s the only thing I will be blogging in future, but let’s hope it won’t die down to that :p

And I had actually wanted to post this up before I went for my Maldives trip (YES I went Maldives and it was super awesome!) but you already know that didn’t happen lol.


1) Dove Whitening Deodorant– Original

why did I buy it? to be honest, I have never used deodorant much but I am trying to get in the habit of it because your body just needs so much more taking care of when you grow older!

first impressions? smells great and it kept my underarms dry throughout the whole day.

upon finishing? I will not be getting this again because I read somewhere that you shouldn’t inhale the spray? Anyway, roll-ons are much easier to travel with!

2) L’oreal – Gentle Lip & Eye Remover

why did I buy it? it was on sale. I always get any eye makeup remover (actually only either Maybelline/L’oreal/Neutrogena) that is on sale lol.

first impressions? used it before, and it does remove eye makeup well just that is does leave a slight oily feeling on your lids.

upon finishing? I don’t think I will purchase this again even if it’s on sale, because my eyes are so sensitive these days! So I just want to stick to oil-free products. Especially since I used eye makeup remover almost everyday.

3) Sunplay – Sunblock 50+

why did I buy it? I still remember I bought it while on holiday in Japan because the sun was so intense.

first impressions? very liquidy, so it was easy to spread it out.

upon finishing? I am almost done with it, but I didn’t finish it because it started breaking me out. I think it’s because I just had it for too long. Don’t have a good habit of applying sunblock but I am doing real good for the last month applying SPF everyday!

4) Korres – Wild Rose 24 Hour Moisturizing & Brightening Cream

why did I buy it? because I am a sucker for skincare now that I am in my mid twenties and Korres got good reviews for sensitive skin!

first impressions? I initially used it day and night but found that it is better for day time instead. Also thought that it broke me out because it is too moisturizing but that turns out to be Korres Wild Rose Serum.

upon finishing? this really did brighten up my face and I do enjoy the smell. I have already started using a second tube of this.

5) Crabtree & Evelyn – Rosewater Hand Therapy

why did I buy it? got it as a gift some time ago! :)

first impressions? does not smell like rose at all!

upon finishing? I don’t know whether it’s my tube, but everytime I used it, it’s a mini torture because it does not smell good! The strange thing is, their Rosewater body cream scent is to die for though. Anyway, just glad that I have finally finished this.

6) Eyelash Glue

why did I buy it? got it in one of the Watsons in China because I lost my makeup bag and need an eyelash glue.

first impressions? works really well and very gentle on the eyes!

upon finishing? this replaces Dollywink’s eyelash glue as my holy grail! Dollywink is good but it is more difficult to remove, and often leave traces of eyelash glue on my lids. That would mean more tugging and hence wrinkles! This eyelash glue stays on really well and is a breeze to remove. Love it so much that I have gotten 2 more when I was in China in May. Haven’t seen it in local Watsons though.


YAY happy weekend everyone!


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July 12, 2013 at 11:23 PM

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