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This week has been brutal. I suddenly feel like there’s too much shit to do, and I can’t concentrate well, my bad memory is worse than usual etc. My balance is just off.

Hoping that next week will be better, especially since T is coming back tonight! Have so much to tell him.


1) Tank top from Target, Cardigan from Gap, Skirt from a random shop in Shenzhen


2) Tube dress from a random shop in Shenzhen, shawl from Gap, sandals from River Island

IMG_4655 IMG_4656

3) Dress from TFNC London, Flats from H&M

Wore this for Phantom of the Opera, because I wore it almost 2 years back when I was in Paris for Moulin Rouge. Changed into a pair of heels for the show though, cutesy flats were for the office 😉

IMG_4657 IMG_4644

4) Dress from Zara, sandals from Melissa + Jason Wu, watch from Lipsy, clutch from a random shop in Seoul

Scored this dress during Zara’s sale, and I love it so much! The prints, how flowy it is, and the sexy back even though you can’t tell hahaha. Can definitely see myself wearing it again and again.


Have a good weekend people!


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July 27, 2013 at 3:29 PM

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