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Maldvies – Day 2 (Part 1)

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Today is the 48 birthday of Singapore. Initially wanted to post a rather angtsy post (partly because of hormones) but decided against it as I didn’t want to spoil the celebratory mood everyone seems to be in.

So I am just going to continue with my Maldives travelogues!

(ok we took a massive amount of photos so I am going to spilt Day 2 into 2 parts!)



I seriously love sitting at the balcony, enjoying the breeze and reading so much! Wish the construction near our home would finish soon so we can make use of that space more often. But anyway, this post is about Maldives hahaha.


Both of us in beach attire! 😀

The weather was so gorgeous.








I know it doesn’t look like it but the waves were pretty rough on this side of the island, which stinks because the water was clearer over here.




One of the things I love about Veligandu is that we don’t have to wear shoes anywhere. The restaurants, bar, reception area etc all have sand covering the floor so we don’t have to bother with shoes. It was really refreshing, walking everywhere barefooted and I really enjoyed it!


So it rained again and we sat at the bar waiting patiently for it to stop, which it did just in time for us to head over to the restaurant for lunch.



And we went for snorkeling lessons after! Both of us had not snorkeled before, so we signed up for the basic snorkeling lesson. Didn’t bring our camera because we wanted to concentrate on learning :p

Did see some fishes and saw a jellyfish float past us too =o I was super thankful that both of us didn’t get stung throughout our whole trip even though we were out at the sea for quite a fair bit!

After our lesson, we went back to our villa to snorkel a little.



But the waves were still super rough -_- and there were a lot of jellyfishes on our end too so we gave up after a while. Felt so sad that I couldn’t snorkel in our own ‘backyard’!

We decided to soak up some sun instead.





And I caught up on some reading. Don’t judge me, it’s a good beach read! :p



Love the fact that I am two shades darker now! Even though a lot of people commented that I am still quite fair wtf.

Happy long weekend my fellow Singaporeans xx


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August 9, 2013 at 5:49 PM

Maldives – Day One

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We decided to head to Maldives for our first year wedding anniversary!

Our initial plan was to go back to Rasa Sentosa for a staycation since that’s where we got married. But my friend was going Maldives in May and that made me really envious. So I started checking the different resorts and the rest is history :p

Decided on Veligandu Resort after a lot of online research, for an all-inclusive package because we didn’t want to worry about the prices of food, beverages, activities etc.


us in the lounge, having breakfast and me looking sleepy. 10am flight is still too early for me lol.

And we reached Male a short 4 hours later! Air tickets were only $1700 for 2, inclusive of taxes via Singapore Air. They are always having promotions, since the airline industry has become so competitive.



As Veligandu was rather far out, we had to take a sea plane to get there. So we waited in their lounge for about an hour. Was already so excited about the sandy beaches which is why I insisted on taking a photo with the painting hahaha 😉

P1060862 P1060865





Seaplanes are ridiculously expensive though, at USD$300/pax for a return trip. There are a lot of resorts nearby as well that are easily accessible by speedboats but we wanted to go for a more scheduled island.

And we had never taken a seaplane before, so why not?




And finally after 25 minutes, we arrived at our resort! Didn’t take any photos till I reached the room, which was absolutely beautiful. We had opted for a water villa because we don’t want to stay in a beach villa and be jealous of the people in water villas for our 5 days hahaha.





And staying in a water villa is so awesome! It’s really private and the view is simply amazing.

P1060924 P1060930



Unfortunately, it started to rain soon after. After all, it’s the monsoon season. We decided to take the plunge and went ahead with the holiday anyway because we read that rains don’t last long in Maldives. And it is true for the rest of our holidays! It would rain for 20minutes – 1 hour and the sun would be out again.


Rested in the villa while waiting for the rain to stop, then headed out for dinner. But first, photos! Since our island is very small, we mostly took photos at the same places.




Clear waters, sandy beaches, and the sunset. It’s breathtaking.

Soon it was time for dinner and I was famished! These are the only photos I took of the buffet place. But it was really good. I will always manage to find something I like, and that is quite high praise from me considering the fact that I can be quite a fussy eater. Also, they change the items everyday so we didn’t feel bored at all.





The first night we sat in the restaurant because the chairs outside were wet due to the rain but the rest of the nights we were outside and it was simply magical. Dining next to the sea, underneath a sky full of stars with the one you love most is something I would not get sick of.


And ending this post with a photo of a bird and some crabs haha 😉

Be back to post more soon! xx

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