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The ‘Use-it-up’ Project (22) – August Edition

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Yes finally!

This post is live…using up products has been easier and easier I am happy to say, hopefully it will stay this way. I got some new products when I went to US last month so I will definitely try to purge some products as well. My drawers are getting very full.


1) The Body Shop – Cranberry Joy Body Polish 

why did I buy it? I am a sucker for the cranberry scent Body Shop puts out every Christmas so I got the package which includes this body polish.

first impressions? I have used their body polish before and wasn’t very impressed but this time round it worked well for me. Not sure if they changed the formula or what.

upon finishing? I wouldn’t mind repurchasing for the scent alone! smells so delicious, can’t wait for Christmas already ;D

2) Bioderma – Sensibio H2O

why did I buy it? my favorite makeup remover!

first impressions? read here to find out what I have to say in the past 😉

upon finishing? have repurchased a huge bottle (500mL) when I was in HK, and very glad that SG now stocks this mega bottle too at Guardian!

3) Garnier – Gentle Cleansing Facial Wipes

why did I buy it? got this as a bundle deal together with the Garnier BB cream. I am really into cleansing wipes during weekends when I don’t wear much makeup so that I can save a little on my bioderma. Also variety is the spice to life yo hahahaha.

first impressions? It is rather moist till the last piece, and feels rather refreshing on the face. The wipe is also a reasonable size for me to remove a whole face of makeup (tinted moisturizer, blush and brows).

upon finishing? Still prefer the Simple wipes because it seems to be more effective at removing makeup. Even though Garnier does manage to remove all my makeup, but I usually have to be more careful and do a few more swipes.

4) Clean & Clear – Oil Control Film in Grapefruit scent 

why did I buy it? been repurchasing this for quite a long time already.

first impressions? the smell is amazing! plus pink clear film is not as disgusting as blue clear film (after blotting).

upon finishing? will definitely get this again, and again. Seriously hope they won’t discoutinue this as it is getting pretty difficult to locate in stores =o

5) Maybelline  – Mineral Power Concealer in Fair 

why did I buy it? I can’t even remember! Got this a few years back and it took me so long to finish this.

first impressions? it does gives pretty good coverage and does a decent job at concealing both undereye area and blemishes.

upon finishing? glad that I finally finished this. It’s not that it’s a bad product, just that I don’t use concealer much because I do not have much skin problems #humblebrag and also because I prefer a natural finish rather than a flawless one. I do have other concealers that I play around with though! Sometimes.

6) Lancome Virtuôse Mascara

why did I buy it? got this in a travel kit a while back.

first impressions? rather meh for a mascara, but mascaras rarely blow me away since I wear falsies almost everyday.

upon finishing? will definitely not get this full size since it is just an average mascara for my pathetic lashes.


7) Bath&Body Works Candle in Mahogany Teakwood

why did I buy it? because everyone on Youtube says it smells like A&F!!!

first impressions? love the scent as it is pretty similar to A&F ❤

upon finishing? I got bored of it halfway, and stopped burning it for a while but after I got into it again. That’s the way I am with most scents, so I definitely wouldn’t mind repurchasing this again when I am crazy enough to order from Bath&Body Works once more. The shipping costs are crazyyyyyy.


Ok I am going to sleep now. Wish I can go on leave to just slack at home and pretend to be a tai tai. Maybe I should make that happen.


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September 11, 2013 at 12:19 AM

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