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October = shopping month <3

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For the past couple of months, I haven’t really been shopping too much because I was rather busy adjusting to my new job and also my body wasn’t really feeling up to it.

But all that changed once it’s October 😛 I always spend loosely and justify it by telling myself it’s ok because it’s my birthday.

So anyway, why not do a collective haul post? Makes my legs go jelly just looking at the photos and very happy with my purchases.


1) Illamasqua – got these babies off their site when they were having some secret sale for people on their mailing list. A pity that I didn’t manage to snag the nail polish in ‘Raindrops’ though.


2) New MAC brushes that I picked up at DFS! Totally forgotten how expensive MAC brushes are until I paid =o


3) More beauty stuff from DFS.


4) Stayed in Banyan Tree Bangkok while I was in Bangkok for work, and it was awesome! And I love their toiletries so much that I bought some back so that I can ‘recreate the Banyan Tree experience at home’. Not cheap, after 30% discount these added up to ~sgd$100?


5) Got sucked into purchasing this after my brow waxing session at Tangs’s Benefit counter, BA used this on me and it looks so natural!


6) Once in a while I step into Body Shop to get something essential (just wanted to get a back up of the tea tree toner) and I go crazy.


7) and this is the GWP for spending more than $85. Am especially curious about the Natrulift night cream! Also, am loving how travel friendly the size is.

And the photo below just shows how I spent tidying my loots, while watching Youtube beauty videos so that I can lust over more beauty goodies. It’s a vicious cycle, I tell ya.



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October 14, 2013 at 7:47 PM

Maldives – Day 3

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I have some work that needs to be done but heck I am going to take a break and reminisce about my awesome summer holiday by blogging about it!

Day 3 in Maldives was simply magical. Also because it’s our first year wedding anniversary 🙂 Time passes so quickly!

We started off the day with T being silly.


And a full body massage after while listening to the ocean waves.


Technically I can’t even enjoy the view since I was facing the floor most of the time.

But it was a beautiful day in the Maldives!!! :p


Obviously we had to do more snorkelling. There isn’t really many other activities to do, but I was very happy snorkelling everyday so I am not complaining.

IMG_5508 IMG_5510 IMG_5525 IMG_5527

Just for laughs, because nobody looks cute in their snorkel mask right?

IMG_5546 IMG_5549 IMG_5551

And we proceeded to chill by the pool. Such is the life, I missed it so much!

IMG_5554 IMG_5555 IMG_5556 IMG_5558_2 IMG_5560 IMG_5566

Then it was time to go for our sunset cruise that was cancelled yesterday! Thank god the weather was amazing the next day, so it didn’t get cancelled again.

P1070269 P1070277 P1070278 P1070281 P1070285


P1070298 P1070299

Soon we boarded the yacht and left the island 😀

P1070310 P1070312 P1070319 P1070323 P1070324

It was an amazing 2 hours out at the sea, saw many wild dolphins swimming close by and doing tricks. Also saw a sea turtle.

P1070325 P1070343

And the sunset was just beautiful :’) I felt so blessed at that moment, even now that I got to experience such a wonderful sunset with the one person that I love most.

P1070359 P1070370

A random photo of T playing pool, it’s our daily activity before heading for dinner.


After dinner, we went back to our room and got a surprise from the staff! They do it for everyone on anniversaries, honeymoons etc I guess. Really thoughtful of them.

P1070381 P1070382 P1070386 P1070387

So much love whenever I look back on the wonderful memories we have created together and look forward to more beautiful moments.

This is something that I would never want to let go of, the reason I go to bed smiling and wake up contented ❤

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October 8, 2013 at 6:44 PM

The ‘Use-it-up’ Project (23) – September Edition

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October October! Love and hate r/s with this month, because it’s my birthday month. Love because I am a year older (yay!) and hate because birthdays are just awkward. Am I the only person here who enjoys being a year older? I mean, every year I feel like I have grown and experienced so much that I feel like I earned my years hahahaha. 

But anyway, here are the products I have used up for September! 


1) Sephora – Daily Makeup Brush Cleaner 

why did I buy it? I use this to spot clean my brushes after using them. This is particularly important especially for face brushes!

first impressions? it does gets off the some product but not all of course. so I feel that it works well for me as it is a spray, so it’s super convenient to use. 

upon finishing? have already repurchased a bottle! anyone has spot cleaning products to introduce?

2) Maybelline – Clear Smooth BB Cream

why did I buy it? got it because I wanted to take a photo with it to attend a Maybelline contest to win a goodie bag haha 😉 in the end I did win! So it’s a worthwhile investment. 

first impressions? it is quite sheer but works well as a tinted moisturizer, I like it because I prefer to a sheer to medium coverage on a daily basis. 

upon finishing? I use this quite often actually, even though I switch base makeup very frequently. This is because very often I would add this BB cream to make other base makeup easier to blend! Love this BB cream’s watery texture, and I have a brand new one that I haven’t opened yet because I am trying to use up other products. Still, can’t wait to use this again! 🙂

3) Miccosmo – Moisturizer

why did I buy it? a couple of years back when I was in Japan, I saw this in Ranking Queen being rated quite well so I got it without even knowing what type of cream this is since it’s all in Japanese! In the end, I got to know that this cream is meant to make your skin like a baby’s skin again so I was quite happy about purchasing it. 

first impressions? it is rather moisturizing so I only ended up using this at night. It really does keeps my skin hydrated throughout the night, which is very important since I sleep in an air-conditioned room. 

upon finishing? love it! but I doubt I can get my hands on it again ;( switched to another night cream already and can already feel that the new night cream is not as good as this one. 

4) Etude House – Apricot Stick 

why did I buy it? got it in Korea because it is cheap and one can never have enough lip products right?

first impressions? very moisturzing and I love the slight tint of color that instantly makes my skin looks brighter! this is also why it is one of my top beauty picks for 2012. 

upon finishing? love it! will probably repurchase in the future but right now I need to show some love to other lip products in my stash.

5) Silkygirl – Funky Eyelights Pencil 

why did I buy it? got this like way back when I had just started experimenting with makeup and got this because I wanted to try some colors. 

first impressions? it’s a pretty good eyeliner for its price actually! I used the blue one more than gold, although I had thought that it would be the other way round =o

upon finishing? as you can see, I actually have a lot left but I decide to chuck them because they are too old. Now my eyeliner stash only has different shades of brown and black. Maybe I will get gray in future but probably not light blue again hahaha.

6) Dollywink – Liquid Eyeliner

why did I buy it? because I wanted to give liquid eyeliners a go because I was just suddenly sick of gel liners!

first impressions? love it! the tip is pretty fine and the amount that is being dispensed is perfect. super easy to use and that is also why it is also one of my top beauty picks for 2012 😀 

upon finishing? will probably repurchase it in the future, but I am currently on a pencil eyeliner kick. Also I have 1 opened liquid eyeliner that I am trying to use up, and another unopened one. So, trying not to hoard!


Will try to complete the rest of my Maldives posts this month, ta!

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October 1, 2013 at 10:07 PM