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Maldives – Day 4

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Onto the fourth day of our Maldives trip, by this time we are able to recognize everyone on the island, which goes to show how small it is haha. But we really enjoyed the privacy and it wasn’t too boring for us.

Plan for the day was to go to another island where Maldivians stay during the early afternoon. So what better way to start the day than breakfast? I really loved sitting by the beach everyday for meals, so relaxing and I find myself actually eating slower and enjoying my food more.

P1070391 P1070395

T named the photo below, ‘The Lady and the Bird’ LOL. I finally found someone with the same amount of creativity when it comes to naming things. I used to have 2 turtles and they were simply named ‘Big Turtle’ and ‘Small Turtle’.

P1070403 P1070406 P1070410 P1070411 P1070412 P1070415

And it was time to leave the island again! 🙂

P1070418_2 P1070420

It was just a short 30 minutes boat ride, and our tour guide also happens to be the same person who is taking are of the sports centre.

P1070421 P1070424

The island is really small, with only about a thousand inhabitants. Most interesting thing is the coral wall I saw below. At first I had on a shawl in an attempt to be decent, but it got too hot after.

P1070425 P1070426 P1070429 P1070431 P1070435 P1070436P1070439_2P1070440P1070441 

We spent the remaining time just chilling by the beach at a cafe, thankfully I brought along a book. T also kept me entertained. He can be really funny when he’s not occupied with his phone :p

Afterwards we got back to the hotel and it was time to take a dip again! This time round in the pool first and chilling before heading to the sea to snorkel once more.


Photos of the underwater turned out really blurry boo ;( But I really did enjoy all the time snorkeling and hope I get to travel to places like Tahiti, Fuji etc to snorkel again. 


Oh and below is the water jacuzzi in our villa that we managed to use a few times. 


Another enjoyable day in Maldives! ❤


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November 10, 2013 at 8:52 PM

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The ‘Use-it-up’ Project (24) – October Edition

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Last week has gotta be one of the craziest weeks I ever had with the trainings and meetings but I am thankful that it is over and I get to rest on this Monday.

I kinda miss the days when I was on my half year break from work, and could just jet to anywhere I like whenever. And everyday is my own time instead of some other’s. The perils of being an adult.

Anyhow, here are the products I finished in October.


1) St Ives – Apricot Scrub  

why did I buy it? I read some good reviews about it so I thought I could give this a go.

first impressions? it seems too rough for my skin so I stopped using it for a while, but after a hiatus my skin seemed to be ok with it.

upon finishing? it does exfoliate pretty well but I read that this is quite a harsh scrub (not because of the chemicals but more of the beads used) so it might not be suitable for very sensitive skin. I used it once-twice a week on days that I am not using my clarisonic. Don’t think I will repurchase this though, since I am trying my best to stay away from harsh exfoliating products!

2) The Body Shop – Banana Banane Shampoo   

why did I buy it? Elle from Allthatglitters21 raved about it before so I thought I could give it a go.

first impressions? cleanses pretty well, but leaves my hair a little dry. smell is also just normal, not as great as she claims it to be.

upon finishing? definitely won’t be a repurchase for me but I am keen to try out more shampoos rather than the usual Dove that I’ve been using for the past 2 years.

3) Simple – Eye Make-Up Remover    

why did I buy it? Since I don’t do crazy eye makeup often these days, I thought I would switch to a less intensive eye makeup remover.

first impressions? it is really gentle and doesn’t sting my eyes at all! it also doesn’t leave a oily residue like waterproof makeup removers tend to do so.

upon finishing? most of the times, it is able to remove my eye makeup decently except for a Too Faced Waterproof eyeliner. but I do like it enough to have already purchased a second bottle.

4) Boots – Soft & Sheer Tinted Moisturizer, SPF 15    

why did I buy it? wow I bought this a really long time ago but I think it’s also because I saw good online reviews about this.

first impressions? it really does a good job of blurring out imperfections, giving you a very natural skin look.

upon finishing? I do like it but it took me so long to finish it (besides the fact that I have 101 base products lying around) is that I only used it on Sundays. I probably wouldn’t repurchase it since I don’t use tinted moisturizer that often, and will use a BB cream in replacement of this product.

5) Soap & Glory – The Daily Smooth Body Butter   

why did I buy it? Got this travel size body butter as a Christmas gift last year! 🙂

first impressions? smells really good, but takes a little effort to spread this around since it is rather thick.

upon finishing? don’t think I will purchase this myself as I prefer lotions that is slightly thinner but I have got to say, this moisturizes really well!


6) Korres – Cleansing and Makeup Remover Wipes (Milk Proteins)    

why did I buy it? Because Korres is one of the more natural brands out there so I really want to try some of their products.

first impressions? it does a decent job of removing makeup but I prefer my Simple Cleansing Wipes due to the texture of the wipes. Simple has a slight exfoliating texture to their wipes.

upon finishing? probably wouldn’t repurchase this unless there is a deal on ASOS! 😉

Anyone else looking forward to Christmas already?

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November 4, 2013 at 10:22 PM