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The ‘Use-it-up’ Project (25) – November Edition

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No photo of my used products this month because I screwed up! Deleted the copy on my phone because I thought I had already transferred it on my computer but no! And I had already threw away my products zzz.

1) Suave – Dry Shampoo  

why did I buy it? one of another Youtube enabled buy 😉

first impressions? smell is a little too strong but it leave my hair cleaner.

upon finishing? after using it for a few times I don’t really like it since by the end of the day I feel like my hair gets very heavy and the smell just……I just don’t like it. There’s still like a quarter left but I am going to throw this away since it’s so cheap anyway.

2) Batiste – Dry Shampoo in Original   

why did I buy it? another dry shampoo that I wanted to try because of Youtube!

first impressions? this smells so much better than the Suave’s.

upon finishing? again, I have not finished this but it’s because I brought this along during one of my trips and it leaked -.- Still I have already repurchased this since I really do enjoy using it. Got the small bottle since I only used dry shampoo a few times a month.

3) The Face Shop – Top and Base Coat   

why did I buy it? because I am always getting top and base coats, I don’t even know why. Like 50% of the time I buy nail polishes, I buy either a base or top coat -_-

first impressions? just an average top and base coat, the top coats takes some time to dry completely though.

upon finishing? didn’t finish this because they are kind of drying out already, and since they are so average and cheap I decided to throw them out.

4) Muji – Oil Blotting Sheets   

why did I buy it? was at Muji getting some organizational items and I decide to pick this up to give it a try.

first impressions? it doesn’t absorb oil as well as I thought I would and I have to use 2-3 sheets depending on when I blot and what base products I am using on that day.

upon finishing? Definitely won’t be purchasing this again as my Clean and Clear blotting sheets work better and smells awesome too.

5) Crabtree & Evelyn – Rosewater Body Cream   

why did I buy it? because I love rose scented products and was having a 20% off. Think I got this last year around this time? Stayed away from their 20% off this year though 🙂

first impressions? I was actually dreading using this because I didn’t really like their rosewater scented hand cream but this actually smells pretty amazing!

upon finishing? it moisturizes really well and smells heavenly too, so will definitely give other Crabtree & Evelyn products even if I don’t get the exact same product.


I love December ever since rainy days don’t get me as down as before. So many things to prepare and look forward to in 2014.


Written by whitepaperroses

December 3, 2013 at 4:56 PM

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