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Maldives – Day 4 and 5

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This is going to be my last post about the Maldives, but definitely not the last time I am going to think about this lovely place!

Here’s a photo of 5 jellyfishes, can you spot them? They were aplenty at our end of the island so we couldn’t really snorkel there despite staying in a water bungalow T_T


And off we went for dinner after another ‘tiring’ day of snorkeling and hanging by the beach! :p

P1070485 P1070487 P1070495 

That’s literally how I am whenever I walk from our villa to the island. Always looking out for sea creatures! 


And ta-dah! Here’s our resident shark. Saw it everyday. 

P1070504 P1070508 P1070513 P1070522 

Last photo of T on the next day when we were departing. I wasn’t in the mood for photos because I didn’t have any makeup on and I was too depressed by the fact that my holiday has ended!


Although it is really very tempting to go back there again since it was really a wonderful time spent, but I want to check out other islands in future as well for example Palawan, Fiji, Bora Bora etc! 

Now I just need money to drop from the sky.


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December 19, 2013 at 10:40 PM

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