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The ‘Use-it-up’ Project (26) – December Edition

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Merry Christmas everyone!

Decided to do my last ‘Use-it-up’ post early. Took leave for the next 2 days so I will be enjoying a 5 day break from work! Super excited for it, just to spend some time at home and rest as well as with friends and family.


1)  Eyelash Glue  

why did I buy it? This is my second tube and it’s by far the best eyelash glue I’ve used!

first impressions? still very much in love with this product, easy to remove but able to stay on for the whole day.

upon finishing? already on my third tube and have gotten T to buy another 3 tubes for me during his recent trip to China. Can’t seem to locate this in SG’s Watsons!

2) L’occitane – Rose Jardin Delice Hand Cream Gel

why did I buy it? got this as a birthday gift couple years back.

first impressions? is not the typical rose scent but because of the gel nature, it absorbs into the skin really easily.

upon finishing? I barely got through half but I feel like the texture and scent has changed. Not sure if it’s because I haven’t used it for too long or because of the fact that it was in the car. Never had a problem leaving other hand creams in my car though! Finding L’occitane products a bit hit and miss for me =.=

3) Steam Cream   

why did I buy it? the packaging is so cute! and because I have used Steamcream before and I really love it.

first impressions? still loving it because it has a rather pleasant and mild scent, very moisturizing as well.

upon finishing? Will definitely repurchase it whenever I spot cute tin designs. In fact, I have two new ones in my stash now haha 😉

4) The Body Shop – Passion Fruit Body Scrub   

why did I buy it? this is my second tub, I just love the scent of this product.

first impressions? it leaves my skin very smooth, and yummy smelling.

upon finishing? Would definitely repurchase this if there is a sale at The Body Shop and if I am running low on body scrubs. This scrub is a little abrasive though, so I wouldn’t recommend it to people with very sensitive skin.

5) M.A.C – Brush Cleanser   

why did I buy it? I really wanted to get something that’s made specially for cleaning brushes, because I have been using just a gentle shower gel.

first impressions? it does cleanses my brushes rather well but I was afraid that I would finish it up rather quickly.

upon finishing? So I didn’t finish this up as fast as I thought I would! Which is a nice surprise, might repurchase this in future but I am sticking to Daiso’s one right now since it is so cheap and seems to get the job done soon.

6) The Body Shop – Cranberry Joy Shower Gel    

why did I buy it? I buy this every Nov/Dec because this is one of their Christmas scents and I love it so much.

first impressions? just a normal shower gel, but I do really enjoy the scent so much that I don’t use it everyday which is why my bottle can last for a whole year hahaha.

upon finishing? not getting it this year because I have a ridiculous number of shower gels to finish, but will get it again next Christmas! Till now, I will just use their lip balm to remind me of the scent.


2013 is almost over, last couple of months have been sort of a roller coaster for me and I don’t expect things to get better but I pray that I will be able to find the strength to cope.


Written by whitepaperroses

December 25, 2013 at 10:00 AM

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