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Top Beauty Products for 2013

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Finally finished my 2013 beauty favorites! took me a few attempts since it’s quite a lot to write at one go.

I chose 13 products, and I decided to include skincare and makeup for my mix since I have cut down a lot on my makeup purchases the past year and am more concerned with skincare now that I am 25.

The products I have chosen are items that I reached for very often and am really impressed with their abilities the past year! Hope you enjoyed looking through them 🙂


*Products listed in no particular order of preference*


1) Clarins Massage Oil

I actually only start using it in the month of December but I already love it so much!!! I never think that my skin is dry but after a few people commenting on my skin, I decided to take the plunge and start using this since I got it in DFS in August along with stretch mark cream and whatnot. At first, it felt kind of weird to be using oil but it really does moisturizes my body better than body lotion so I am alternating between this and body lotion now depending on my mood that night. But seriously, this smells so good. Definitely keen to check out more massage oils in the future.


2) Simple Cleansing Wipes

2013 has been a year of being into wipes because I don’t like to fuss around with cotton pads anymore. I still use Bioderma to take off the remaining junk before jumping into the shower but Simple usually leaves my face pretty clean already. Some brands of wipes only take off certain foundations particularly well or BB creams. This is where Bioderma comes in as a  QC step haha.

Back to the simple wipes, I love its size. It is big enough for my huge face and it has a slight exfoliating texture that helps to take the makeup really well without being too harsh.

3) Clarisonic Mia

When I first start using the Clarisonic, I really didn’t notice much of a difference to my skin. I guess that’s better than other people who said they experienced a purging stage before getting better skin. Anyway, I stopped using it for a while after because my brush head was getting dirty. Guess what? I begin to notice a few breakouts every now and then! Immediately, I went to purchase new brush head and started using this religiously again. It really minimizes breakouts, and cleanses well. I am currently using the sensitive brush head, and only using it on alternate days. This is really a good investment, even though it’s kind of annoying having to change the brush head every 3 months.


4) Rimmel London Wake Me Up Foundation in 100 Ivory

One of the rare base products that I can use on its own and the color matches my face perfectly. And of course, the consistency is what I like as well, easily blendable and it is a light-medium coverage product. It also really wakes up my skin like it claims! Saw reviews that some people don’t like it because it is too glowy for them but I love a glowy base on most days. One pump is also perfect for my whole face. I don’t seem to have use it up much at all, but that’s because I have a ridiculous number of base products and I try to rotate them as much as I can. I seriously wonder how do people go through bases like nobody’s businesses? Like one month later, they have finished half a foundation! I wish I could do that, so I have excuses to buy more base products but it. is. so. difficult. T__T

5) Diorskin Nude Tan in 001 Auora

I am so glad I picked this up in 2012 because I really fell in love with it in 2013. It is light enough to be used as an all over powder to give my face that slightly bronzy look but I can also build it up to be a very light contour.

Packaging is gorgeous as well, like all Dior’s products. In general, I haven’t been disappointed with Dior’s makeup products before and am itching to try more products from them, especially their lip glow.


6) Benefit’s Benetint

A cult item from Benefit, something that I have gotten before 2013 but never really got around to using it much till in 2013. Mostly uses it as a cheek tint rather than a lip tint, and it gives a pretty flush. A huge plus point is that it smells really good, as most Benefit’s cheek products do. The only thing I don’t really like about it is that it stains my fingers after application but I never seem to notice it last throughout the day. The blush stays on my cheeks for a pretty long time though!

7) Benefit’s Porefessional

Another cult favorite! As I grow older, I noticed that my pores got bigger so I decided to give this a go. It really does cover up the pores pretty well! I don’t use it religiously as a primer, but only if I noticed huge pores after my makeup. And this is something that I really like about the product, it can be applied after powder and it blends in seamlessly without affecting the rest of the crap I’ve got on my face for that day. I guess I need to fix the root of my problem for my pores, which is to do more masks and also find a pore tightening essence!

8) Benefit Gimme Brow

My brow artist used this on me one day after my brow waxing session and it is so good that I bought this on the spot. Very fuss-free and keeps my brow hairs in place! I was contemplating with the idea of getting a brow gel to set my brow pencil on days my brow hairs go a little crazy but with this product, it gives me color and put my hairs in place! Definitely something that impressed me a lot, and will be very helpful once I have baby T and don’t have much time to fuss around with makeup anymore.


9) Neutrogena Lip Balm in Fresh Papaya

As you guys may know, I am an avid youtube beauty guru follower. However, only Emilynoel83 ever raved about this product! But I decided to go ahead and pick this up when I was in CVS anyway because she really seemed to love them. And I did not regret it! It is very moisturizing, and gives a natural gloss to my lips too. Now I regret not picking up the other color I was eyeing but maybe next time.

Oh and it has a sweet scent to it as well! Major plus point.


10) Stila Lip Glaze in Jack Frost and Jolly

Another product that smells yummy, notice the recurring theme? Lol. The color is not obvious at all as you can see from my swatch but it does give my lips a bit of shimmer so they don’t look so blah. Some days, or most days for me, I just don’t like to go for a full on lip color because I am very lazy with touch ups. I guess it’s pretty easy to find such lip glosses from any brand but I’ve been using Stila’s the most for 2013 so I’ve included them in my favorites.


11) Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner    

In the morning, I only use clear water to cleanse my face and then follow up with this toner that helps to remove any impurities. I really like this because if I use a cleanser in the morning, even if it’s a gel cleanser that’s supposed to be more gentle, it still tends to dries out my skin a little too much. So I find that cleansing with water and using a ‘stronger’ toner works the best for me!

12) The Body Shop – Moroccan Rose EDT

Fragrance of the year for me, simply because I love the rose scent a lot. Also, I prefer lighter scents this year as compared to heavier floral ones. Am now looking to try out Chloe’s Roses perfume too.


13) Eyelash Glue 

Best find this year! After wearing falsies for ~4years, I finally found the perfect eyelash glue! As compared to Dollywink, which was my previous HG eyelash glue, this is even better. Dollywink stays on really well but it can sometimes be a pain to remove without makeup remover. This eyelash glue stays on really well but you can remove it easily by tugging on the ends of the falsies!

Funny how I got the chance to try this out though. I left my travel makeup bag in a hotel in Shanghai last year, and had to buy an eyelash glue the next day since I was still hanging around in Shenzhen. So I decided to give this a go, didn’t expect much out of it but it blew my mind away! Of course, I was quite sad about losing my makeup bag because it had my favorite lipstick and powder but the silver lining is that I found an even more awesome eyelash glue!


Whoo that’s an extensive list!

Overall, I feel that my skin condition has improved heaps in 2013 since I don’t struggle with breakouts too much anymore. Extremely elated about that, and areas that I want to target in 2014 is to look for a pore tightening essence and a good eye cream for dark circles! I don’t really have a problem with puffiness, only discoloration. I suspect it’s also due to me putting on eye makeup almost everyday. Woes of having small eyes.

Looking forward to trying more products in 2014, but at the same time I do not want to go too crazy with the hoarding! I feel like I didn’t do that bad in 2013, but there is always room for improvement.

Happy Sunday everyone xx


Written by whitepaperroses

January 5, 2014 at 3:39 PM

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