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The ‘Use-it-up’ Project (27) – January Edition

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Wow I have ten products to talk about this month!

Partly because I did a little spring cleaning. Hoping to be able to purge more but I just can’t bear to throw everything out at once. Anyone else has the same problem as me? haha 😉

And it’s already February. Gee, where did January go?


1)  The BodyShop – Vitamin E Genetle Facial Cleansing Wipes 

why did I buy it? I have been hooked onto wipes recently so I thought I could give this a try. Bought a second pack because I had some extra credit without even trying the first pack I bought which was a bad decision.

first impressions? The wipe was not as moist as other wipes I have tried but the difference isn’t that big. I don’t really like super moist wipes anyway. After using this, I followed up with my usual routine which is Bioderma to remove any excess makeup and to my surprise, there was still quite a bit of junk left on my face! So I had to use 2-3 cotton pads to remove the rest -.-

upon finishing? Because I tend to rotate my base makeup weekly, I realise that it tends to remove foundations better than BB creams. However, it is still not as good as the Simple wipes so I definitely wouldn’t repurchase this.

2)  Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics – Lip Tars

why did I buy it? got this during a Black Friday Sale couple years back because they were new and quite a few youtubers were raving about it!

first impressions? super pigmented! they also make my lip lines more obvious and peel after a while.

upon finishing? tried picking these up on and off the past 2 years but I always get the same results no matter what I do, so I gave up because I am too lazy to fuss around for a lip color.

3) Yankee Candle Honey Blossom 

why did I buy it? always open to trying out new candle scents 🙂

first impressions? very sweet, and able to fill the entire room even though it’s only a single wick. Or maybe it’s because my living room is very small haha.

upon finishing? it did grow on me eventually, but I don’t think I will repurchase it since it is sweeter than what I prefer.

4) NYX – Jumbo Eye Pencils   

why did I buy it? Again, one of the many purchases influenced by youtubers and when I just started exploring makeup.

first impressions? very creamy, doesn’t really crease on me but that’s because I don’t have very oily lids. Works well as a base for shadows to appear even more vibrant.

upon finishing? I stopped using these because I don’t do very adventurous eye makeup these days. And since I have gotten them for so long, I decided to throw these away. I still have the eye pencil in silver though! Just in case 😉

5) L’oreal – Youth Code Essence

why did I buy it? read online that this is similar to Lancome’s Génifique except that it is less potent. Have never tried Lancome’s version before since it’s so expensive, so I decided to try this out instead.

first impressions? it absorbs into the skin quickly, and does seem to give an extra boost to my skincare routine.

upon finishing? halfway through, I did manage to get a sample of Génifique to try and I was blown away! There is really quite a huge difference, so I guess you pay for what you get haha. That being said, if that’s the case I would rather save up, get Génifique and use it on special occasions when I need that boost and use other serums on a daily basis.

6) Steamcream

why did I buy it? lost count of how many tins I have bought of this already. everytime I buy a new one, it’s always because of the cute design!

first impressions? you can refer to my previous posts on steamcream.

upon finishing? it’s a very comforting product and I definitely will get more of it when I see designs that I like. I usually get mine from!

7) Korres – Wild Rose 24-hour Moisturizing and Brightening cream

read here for details after I finish my first tube. 

upon finishing? Previously I used the two tubes as a day cream. I also have the full size tub for night cream. I prefer it as a night cream since it’s rather heavy.

8) Benefit – Confessions of a Concealaholic

why did I buy it? thought this was a pretty cool kit to own, especially since I am all about a good skin base. click here to look at all the products this kit contains.

first impressions? there are quite a few products in this that I have not tried before so I really enjoy exploring the different items.

upon finishing? unfortunately, everything didn’t really work for me except for That Gal primer. All the cream products felt too dry on my skin no matter how I applied it. Tried warming it up on the back of my hand but didn’t work too. Very disappointed overall.

9) Hanskin – Suncream

why did I buy it? got this when I was in Korea. Miss shopping and eating in Korea so much! And when I was there, I was still like meh. Sometimes, I really don’t appreciate things/experiences when I have them.

first impressions? it is a little on the thick side, but still rather easy to apply.

upon finishing? I do think that it is a good product, but I am still very new to sunscreens and am definitely looking forward to try more. Anyway, I don’t think I can get Hanskin in Singapore anyway.

10) Clean & Clear – Oil Control Film in Grapefruit scent  

featured in previous posts before. Read about it here!

I hope everyone had a good Chinese New Year celebration! If you don’t celebrate, a long weekend is always something to be happy about right. Only wish that it can happen more often :p


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February 3, 2014 at 5:43 PM

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