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The ‘Use-it-up’ Project (29) – March Edition

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Quick post tonight! Will try to update again real soon before I pop 🙂


1) Redken – Color Extend Shampoo 

why did I buy it? because I dye my hair once every 3 months so I needed something for the first two weeks after a dye job.

first impressions? I think it does help to prolong the color and cleanses really well too.

upon finishing? have switched salons, and recently dyed my hair a dark brown so do not need a color care shampoo this time. Will probably just get whatever my current stylist recommends in future!

2) Liese – Smooth Hair Cocktail  

why did I buy it? my friend used this when I was traveling with her and I really liked the scent!

first impressions? helps with bed head hair and tames the frizziness.

upon finishing? I took an incredibly long time to finish this product! I do like the scent, but have gotten bored with it. That being said, I am very interested to try out other treatment cocktails.

3) Batiste – Dry Shampoo  

why did I buy it? to give second-day hair a clean feeling and more volume!

first impressions? It is my favorite dry shampoo and is a repurchase.

upon finishing? I do really enjoy using it. But right not, I am trying a new brand that I got from, still trying to decide which one I like better but I will definitely update this space once I have finished that!

4) Bioderma – Sensibio H2O (500mL)

why did I buy it? cleansing water is my favorite method to take off makeup and Bioderma is the best cleansing water that I have tried so far.

first impressions? Can’t even remember how many bottles I have gone through. This time round, I even bought the largest packaging. So glad that Singapore finally stocks this size!

upon finishing? Already on a new 500mL bottle. Have started using it on and off as an eye makeup remover as well since it removes waterproof eye makeup really well too.

5) The Body Shop – Deep Sleep Peaceful Body Moisturizer  

why did I buy it? got this from one of their atrium sales 😉

first impressions? just a regular body butter, and smells good.

upon finishing? overall just an average body moisturizer, so I won’t be running out to get a second tub but if there’s a deal I may get it again.

6) Clarisonic – Refreshing Gel Cleanser, 30mL

why did I buy it? this travel size came together with my Clarisonic that I purchased sometime ago. decided to finally use it since I have quite a few travel size cleansers lying around.

first impressions? it smells like it contains rice extract! I was actually worried about it because my skin had a bad reaction to a skincare product containing rice extracts, but thankfully this worked out well.

upon finishing? Just a regular cleanser, so I won’t be purchasing this.

7) Bath & Body Works – Sleep Concentrated Room Spray  

why did I buy it? because I love making my room smell awesome.

first impressions? love using this at night for calming effects and sleeping better.

upon finishing? this is probably a little too strong, but I found a lavender spray from The Body Shop that smells better!


8) Parks London – French Lavender & Chinese May Chang   

why did I buy it? got this from Franc Franc, it was so expensive but smells out of the world!

first impressions? I guess you get what you pay for, this candle smells incredible and I only burn this when I need a pick me up or during a special occasion.

upon finishing? it actually lasts pretty long, and burns all the way! Unlike Yankee candles or Bath and Body Works, where there will always be a little wax left at the bottom. Unfortunately Franc Franc is closing down, so I am not sure where else I can get this in Singapore.


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April 3, 2014 at 11:46 PM

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