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The countdown begins

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My estimated delivery date is this Saturday!

These days, I am feeling so heavy and my pelvic bone is starting to hurt more and more, especially when I sleep. Cannot wait till I give birth to get my body back. And of course, to finally able to hold her in my arms! And sniff and kiss her 😉

Can’t believe that I have someone growing inside me for the past 9 months already *gulps*

I don’t think I have posted any pregnancy updates at all on this blog but here’s a draft that I wrote while in the first trimester.


11 Sept 2013

Drinking hot ginger tea now as I type this post. I am 9.5 weeks into my pregnancy now! Sometimes, I still can’t believe that I am pregnant. Is there really a baby growing inside me? Feel so strange and magical at the same time.

Went to the gynae for the second time last saturday and baby is growing well! Even saw it moved around quite a bit while doing the ultrasound and that gave me a shock as I was worried that after I give birth my baby will be hyperactive but read somewhere online that it’s normal for babies to be active during this period.

Still nauseous occasionally, but today has been awesome so far. The past few weeks I’ve been vomiting 1-a few times everyday -.- One thing that is becoming more obvious is my lack of concentration! Sometimes when people talk to me and I drift off without even realizing it and then when prompted for a reply I will be like wtf…..No problem concentrating on work though, just conversations! So weird.

Google has really been a great help! All my life, and even for this part. It’s like a friend that would never leave you hahaha. Been googling a lot of ‘can you do XX when pregnant?’.

T is very excited obviously, as he had wanted a kid right after we got married (which was a year back). He kept asking me if we will be allowed to know the gender of the baby till I got impatient. Like seriously, I think he has asked me over ten times already. He also seems very relaxed about the prospect of a new addition, unlike the worrier me. I guess this is a good balance for the both of us after all. Can’t have two chill-lax parents right!

Speaking of over worrying, when I was driving back home today, I was imagining some scenarios about people putting my child down and I felt so angry at these imaginary people. Dear Lord, I hope I won’t become an overprotective mom in future hurhur.

I am very excited to begin buying things for baby once I near the end of the third trimester but we are already looking at car seats and strollers! Or rather T is. I only like to look at cute baby clothes and furniture. We are really a good match for each other hehe 😉


Now that I am nearing the end of the tunnel, I feel really thankful for a relatively smooth pregnancy. No major issues except for being anaemic and gaining a little more weight than I should.

Here’s a baby bump photo that I took last week!


I have not gone crazy buying baby things because our house is so small, and every inch is vital. So far, all the baby things that I have gotten are essential, well I may have gotten a few extra baby blankets and a few bottles of shampoo/shower gels but that’s really about it! Some of the things that I am looking forward to is buying toys, bringing her out, watch her get to know the world and give her all my love.

Everyone keeps telling me that life with a baby is going to be completely different with some telling me horror stories. Obviously life is not going to remain the same, but we can also look at it positively right? Besides the lack of sleep, and any worries we may start to have as parents, I believe that there will be much more joy in our family and bring T and I closer as a couple.

We can’t wait to see her!


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April 7, 2014 at 12:05 PM

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