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The ‘Use-it-up’ Project (30) – April Edition

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Been slightly over two weeks since I gave birth! Omg. Been on an emotional roller coaster ride and still trying to settle in with baby.

Thankfully I did a draft of this post earlier so I just had to quickly make some adjustments. It feels good to be doing something that I used to do before I give birth (while pumping milk, nonetheless!).


1) Korres – Wild Rose 24-H Moisturizing Brightening Cream   

why did I buy it? got this as part of a skincare set that I bought, because I wanted to try out more Korres products.

first impressions? it is my third time using this, have finished two travel sized tubes earlier on. Find it to be more suitable as a night time cream.

upon finishing? it didn’t break me out but it also didn’t deliver any spectacular results. overall I think I still prefer a gel-based cream, at least at this stage in life.

2) Too Faeed – Perfect Eyes Eyeliner in Perfect Black

why did I buy it? got this as part of a two faced makeup set that I decided to get too!

first impressions? it is really black and stays on very well.

upon finishing? I have a little difficulty removing it at night but that should be due to the fact that I use very gentle eye makeup removers. This is a good basic liner that I wouldn’t mind purchasing again but not HG material.

3) Eyelash Glue 

why did I buy it? again my favorite eyelash glue!

first impressions? most awesome eyelash glue ever.

upon finishing? still have two in backup which can last for sometime since I am on maternity leave now haha 😉

4) Clarins – Gentle Eye Makeup Remover  

why did I buy it? bought this at DFS because I wanted to see if there’s any difference between expensive and cheap removers.

first impressions? it is scented rather strongly, but a pleasant one to me. As the name states it removes my day to day eye makeup well but if I have on more eye makeup, or waterproof liners, it gets a little tricky.

upon finishing? don’t think I will purchase this again since it isn’t really worth the money.

5) Bath&Body Works – Cotton Blossom Body Lotion   

why did I buy it? got this during one of their crazy online sales and had it shipped to SG!

first impressions? smells really clean and takes a little time for me to work it into my skin.

upon finishing? I do like the scent but not really a definite repurchase for me. Wouldn’t mind repurchasing Bath&Body Works lotions

6) Bath&Body Works – Cotton Blossom Shower Gel 

why did I buy it? same as above.

first impressions? just another normal shower gel.

upon finishing? don’t mind trying out other scents!

7) Elastin3 – Advanced Stretch Mark Therapy  

why did I buy it? my clinic recommended this cream for stretch mark control.

first impressions? my nose can’t really detect any scent, this cream spreads rather well.

upon finishing? thankfully I don’t have much stretch marks, only slight ones on my thigh area. not sure if it’s due to this cream or genetics haha.


8) Bath&Body Works – Market Peach  

why did I buy it? one of youtubers’ favorite scent, of course I have got to try it!

first impressions? it smells extremely strongly of peach, duh. not sure why I would expect anything else.

upon finishing? it’s too sweet for my taste so I wouldn’t repurchase this.


Written by whitepaperroses

April 30, 2014 at 3:27 PM

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