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One month has passed since I gave birth. Thought I should pen down my labor process lest it gets forgotten down the road.

14 April 2014 – 2 days after my expected delivery date.

I started experiencing irregular contractions around 10plus in the morning and regular ones from noon onwards. However, I was still very unsure whether it’s real labor contractions or false ones because I could still bear the pain. When the contractions got closer together (5 minutes apart), we decided to call our doctor. He didn’t even ask me about my contractions, just asked me to head straight to the hospital! Anyway, during our last visit, he was pretty sure that I would be delivering within the next few days.

So T and I checked that we got everything and I managed to squeeze in a quick shower before heading over to the hospital.

The hospital we went to is Mount Elizabeth Hospital. T dropped me off at the entrance while he went to park the car and someone escorted me to the labor ward. Initial checks showed that I am already 5cm dilated! That was at 4pm.

Got the epidural in really quick and I was glad for that because the contractions were getting stronger and stronger. The nurse told me that if I feel any slight pain, I have to let her know to increase the epidural amount which I did eventually. There was a machine reading the strength of the concentration and T had fun looking at the graph climbing and peaking while I winced in pain waiting for the increased epidural dosage to kick in. Boo 😦

We were also told to wait till the cervix is dilated till 10cm before baby can come out, and that 1cm usually takes about an hour. I was pretty on time, and my cervix was fully dilated around 8plus pm. I was also told to call the nurse if I feel like passing motion, because that would mean that the baby is pushing her way out. My water bag broke when the nurse did her final check on my cervix. It was a very strange feeling, like I had squeezed a water balloon with my thighs and it broke. The nurse gave my gynae another call (they called him frequently to update him on my status) and he totally took his time to come! Not sure if that’s the case or it’s just new parents’ nerves haha.

When he finally arrived, he dressed appropriately and the nurse put me into position. Everything happened so quickly and before I knew it, I was asked to push. I tried really hard, for the two chances he gave me anyway before it was decided that the vacuum is to be used! Before going into the hospital, T said that he definitely wouldn’t want the gynae to use vacuum but at that time, I think he was too shocked to say anything.

Soon, at 8.43pm, baby T was born! 

The gynae threw her to me immediately after and did his stuff like getting the placenta out and stitching me up. I feel ashamed to say that I didn’t want to carry my baby after birth at all! I felt so drained of energy after giving birth, and all I wanted was to quench my thirst and sleep. I begged the nurse to give me some water and she allowed two sips. Soon after, I was vomiting my guts and the nurse got chided by my gynae. Apparently, because I had epidural, I wasn’t allowed any drop of water or food at all.

Anyway, after all these drama, they finally took the baby to clean her up. The nurse said that she can help me latch on and start breastfeeding as soon as I am ready. But like I said, all I wanted to do was to sleep so I politely rejected her. Soon, everyone left the room and I drifted off while T carried her for a full hour.

After I regained a bit of my consciousness, I started breastfeeding for a little bit while waiting for them to transfer me to my ward. Which took forever by the way because they have to transfer another patient first wtf. The wait was horrible, it made me feel like nobody in the hospital cared about me and my newborn baby (read: hormones speaking).

I felt so much better after being transferred into my room. The absence of the smell of blood helped a lot as well. I finally got to have some milo since it was already midnight by the time I got to my room, and biscuits too.

And that is my labor journey! Not very exciting, and a relatively quick one considering that it’s my first. All these I am thankful for.

This also marks the end of my pregnancy and the start of parenthood! More updates to follow :p


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