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0-3 months update

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*just finished this post and realised that I rambled on for quite a bit so I am going to insert random photos of baby T to make it appear less wordy* 😉

3 months have passed! *pats self on back for surviving*

I wanted to do an update at 2 months but didn’t manage to find the time to finish the entry so 3 months it is then!


my chubby bunny at 3 months old!


As I blogged before, breastfeeding has really been tough on me. I really did try a lot of things I can, and am still trying my best to increase my supply and am pleased to say that this past week I have been breastfeeding exclusively! *fist pump*

It has been a really long journey. When she was one month old, half of her feeds were formula. After the CL left, my supply dipped slightly because it was so stressful taking care of a baby. At two months, she takes breastmilk during the day, and formula during the night. So that means formula has dropped to about one third of her feeds. And now at 3 months, she is on full breastmilk! For now at least. Honestly, I don’t think I did anything different like pumping more. In fact, I pumped less and gave myself less stress. Anyway, my supply is just nice now. Would be good to have extra but…..fat hope I guess. Anyway, going back to work in 3 weeks time and I am feeling real jittery on how everything is going to work out. Don’t think I will have much time to pump at work zzz.

Noting down her feeds here: two months, she used to be able to finish 120mL easily and even 150mL at night but right now, she seems to start hating the bottle! It is always a struggle to get her to drink from the bottle and I have to get her in the right mood by carrying her around the house then waving the bottle in front of her before sticking it into her mouth at the right moment (usually takes a few tries) fml. So now, I always store breastmilk in 100mL portions to prevent wastage. Again, worrying about how she will do once I start work!


when she’s less than a month old, which explains why she is swaddled up.


At week 6 she weighs in at 5.5kg, above the average percentile. At 14 weeks she is weighing in at 6.78kg, dropping into 95 percentile but still a big baby! Even though her weight gain is slowing down, PD says she is still growing well. T is worried though but I am not because I don’t want her to be overweight in future.


For the first month when the CL was around, she was sleeping a lot so I only did very minimal tummy time and playing. My mom keep nagging at me for letting her do tummy time because she said that baby T is still young so I stopped for a long while. Started again recently because my friends’ babies around the same age can already raise their heads effortlessly while on their tummies. Grrs, regret listening to my mom, AGAIN.

There are two main play things at home, the crib mobile and activity gym. She used to hate both when she was 1month+. For the crib mobile, she hates the sounds that it plays so I would only activate the movement because she seems to enjoy watching it. Afterwards I learnt that putting her further away actually helps as well, not sure why she doesn’t like to be too close to it, timid? These days, I can play the sound along with the movement and it can keep her entertained for about 10-15 minutes! Still doing the distance thing though haha. As for the activity gym, there was a time (1-2months old) when she would end up screaming most of the time when we put her on there wtf. Very stressful because I got to watch out for her fussy cues all the time while she’s on it so I don’t use it much until the last couple of weeks. Now she seems to enjoy it a little bit more, by looking at the toys dangling above her for a longer period of time and if there’s something near her mouth, she will try to taste it. Still not swiping at toys intentionally yet, but has started putting her hands together which is a start!

These couple of days, she also seem to have found control of her tongue and enjoy sticking it out for most part of the day.


day 41, the day after we shaved her!


Amazingly enough, she knows the difference between night and day pretty early on. At 1month plus, she started sleeping for 4-5 hours stretch at night which is a relief for us. And she only wakes for milk, after drinking she will go right back to sleep which is awesome.

At 1-2 months old, sometimes she wakes up 1-2 times a night. We try to get her to sleep by 7pm and it was a torture every night. The internet wasn’t kidding about the witching hours man! There was a period when she would cry the whole house down every evening before sleeping. T and I will take turns to carry her. She cries while being carried and rocked, and cries even louder when you put her down. Those memories make me shudder in fear and I am glad we seem to be past that now.

Recently she has been consistently waking up twice for milk, and the first feed always throws T off (he takes the night shift and I pump) because she refuses to drink much at all! The second feed happens around 5am and he will pass her to me for direct latch and we both sleep till 8am+ while he gets some rest as well. As we always struggle with the feed, we decide that she must not be hungry at that time even though she wakes up! Anyway, trying to drag her bedtime for the past few days and it seems to be working. She is sleeping around 8pm+, then waking up at 2plus am for milk then in the morning and T is not having any problem with that feed anymore! 🙂

Another thing that I want to quickly note down here is that she used to want us to carry and rock her to sleep all the time, and carry her while she is sleeping as well (especially naptimes during the day). But for the past week, we have been able to put her to sleep by rocking her in the stroller for naps and night time, she will usually go back to sleep on her own. This is a huge relief for me because my back was just about to break from all the carrying, especially since she is so heavy now!


1 month plus, still so small and sleepy all the time in the same pose as the bear on her onesie! 


Even before she hit one month old, she has already started making cooing sounds. CL said she is a very sociable baby, and doesn’t like to be left alone. Very true because everytime we leave her sight, she freaks out. Now she can be alone for a longer period of time (10-20 minutes) but still very much prefer us to entertain her.

She now makes a variety of sounds, with oooo being one of the early ones she made, then ah-ooo, and ah ah ah. This past week she has also started shrieking. When I first heard it I thought she was in pain or something, but when I looked over, she was all smiles and her limbs are relaxed by her side so I am guessing she is just playing with her voice.


my cutie pie

It has been a roller-coaster the past 3 months, both emotionally and physically but I feel that I am getting more adjusted now! Still I envy my friends who have their mothers who happily help them out. My mom comes over when I ask her to, but even then I don’t ask her to come unless it’s really necessary if not I feel like I owe her something. Even if I don’t, I know that she will make me feel that way in future somehow.

I pray that in future, baby T will never hesitate to come to me for anything and I will always be her pillar of support.

ok, off to catch a few hours sleep now before waking up for a pumping session!


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