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The ‘Use-it-up’ Project (34) – August Edition

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I didn’t mean to disappear for over a month. Thing just happened, work is crazy. Every time I tried to update, I just got tired and prefer to scroll through my IG feed instead. And baby T is now down with HFMD. Maybe more on that in a separate blogpost.

So I am going to back date this post to make myself feel better haha.

Rather boring mix of products this time round but any-oh-how, let’s do this.


1) Banyan Tree – Hair Shampoo in Thai Chamanard 

why did I buy it? fell in love with the scent when I stayed at Banyan Tree Bangkok so I decided to get this at their shop.

first impressions? Love it as I felt it cleanses my hair pretty well.

upon finishing? although it is a good product, but I am not sure if I will repurchase because I am on the hunt for better shampoos. Also, it is difficult to get my hands on it!

2) Air Freshner in Jasmine

why did I buy it? because this is one of my favorite scents! a lot of my friends dislike it though.

first impressions? love it, just a simple clean jasmine scent.

upon finishing? I have a tiny bit left but I can’t be bothered finished using it as I have a lot of air fresheners at home. Felt that the product itself is just ok, since the scent doesn’t linger on too long. Also on a personal note, I have grown to prefer more complex scents these days although I am sure I will go back to simple scents in future haha.

3) Sephora – Daily Makeup Brush Cleaner

why did I buy it? use this as a quick sanitizer before makeup for used brushes.

first impressions? it is quick and easy so I really love it.

upon finishing? I have repurchased this before and will keep on doing it unless I see something else worth trying.

4) Bath&Body Works – Pocket Bac in Eucalyptus Mint

why did I buy it? super handy to have this everywhere around the house and in my bag!

first impressions? love it that’s why I keep repurchasing it. Love this scent as well.

upon finishing? I will continue to get more whenever I order from Bath&Body Works. Going through these so quickly these days because of baby T.

5) Majolica Majorca– Perfect Automatic Liner in GD802

why did I buy it? there was a good deal at Watsons! Although I can’t remember how much I got it for. Probably 20% off?

first impressions? too liquid-y and it is difficult for me to control the amount I want.

upon finishing? as I was using the Dollywink Liquid Liner before this, it took me some time to get used to it but I finally figured out that two clicks is all I need. The plus side of this liner is that it is rather easy to remove. However it dried up while I was on maternity leave. Well, I was almost done with it and ready to move on to a new liner anyway so no harm there.

6) Skinfood – Pencil Liner 

why did I buy it? remember a few years back when glittery white liner on your lower waterline is all the rage? I got this for that hahaha 😉

first impressions? love it because it gives the effect that I want.

upon finishing? as the time goes by and the trend fades, I stopped using it. Also because it is difficult to remove, somehow when I thought I had finished removing it, I move and see a glitter speck still on my eye FML. This is also quite old so I might as well chuck it out.


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September 1, 2014 at 11:23 AM

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