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The ‘Use-it-up’ Project (35) – September Edition

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Also backdating this just slightly to make myself feel better. Had planned to post this couple of days after my last entry but life got in the way.

Work is super crazy and stressful these days 😦 Keeping fingers crossed that 2015 will be better!


1) The Body Shop – Aloe Calming Toner 

why did I buy it? wanted to get something gentle as my night toner.

first impressions? it is rather soothing and preps my skin well for night time moisturizing.

upon finishing? I ended up using this for both morning and night after my Tea Tree toner ran out, since I didn’t have the chance to purchase this. Overall, it does its job as a toner well but nothing exceptional for me to repurchase it again.

2)The Body Shop – Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner 

why did I buy it? had repurchased this many times as I felt it is a good toner for morning as I don’t use a cleanser in the morning.

first impressions? still loving it.

upon finishing? I didn’t have time to go get a new one but will do so sometime soon probably. Not in a rush since other toners have seem to worked too! 🙂

3) Simple – Cleansing Facial Wipes 

why did I buy it? my favorite wipes so far in terms of value!

first impressions? really quick and removes makeup fairly well.

upon finishing? have a few packs as back up already. I do enjoy other wipes too, like This Works and Burt’s Bees but this is the easiest to get for me and cost-effective too.

4) Tony Moly Petite Bunny Gloss Bar 

why did I buy it? got this when I was in Korea few years back because it’s cheap haha.

first impressions? super easy to use since it is a tinted balm. love it for days when I go makeup free but want a little color on my lips.

upon finishing? I do enjoy it but the color is probably not the best. prefer something slightly coral. Don’t mind repurchasing if I go back to Korea because the packaging is so cute but I actually do like the Etude House ones a little better!

5) Kate Gel Liner 

why did I buy it? during a period of time when I was crazy over gel liner. Now I am all for pencil liners!

first impressions? rather difficult to line due to its consistency.

upon finishing? I still have quite a bit left as it is not one of my favorite gel liners but I am past that phase now so I have decided to chuck this out since it’s old!

6) Maybelline Gel Liner in Brown 

why did I buy it? this is not my first as I did enjoy using it. brown is for days when I want a softer look.

first impressions? Love it as it stays on rather well and is easy to use. color is pretty too as it is a dark brown rather than light brown which will end up looking weird with my dark colored pupils.

upon finishing? didn’t finish this as well, but almost done! chucking this out because I won’t be reaching for it again and it’s old 🙂

7) Clean and Clear Acne Clearing Gel 

why did I buy it? for days when an annoying pimple pops out on my face.

first impressions? it does work pretty well, my pimples do go away faster if I use this compared to letting it heal on its own.

upon finishing? it took me a long time to finish this tiny tube because I don’t have pimples often #humblebrag haha anyway it is quite good so I definitely wouldn’t mind repurchasing in future. But I hope I don’t have too!


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October 1, 2014 at 8:42 AM

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