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baby T updates

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It’s another 4 days to baby T turning 11 months. Been feeling rather emotional these couple of days because all of a sudden, she seem so big already and just another month, she is officially no longer a baby but a toddler!

I skipped the last update (6-9 months) because it was a crazy period, baby T was hospitalized the first time around Christmas, and then another round in Feb during the week that I had to be away for a business trip ;( Maybe I will write about this some other time because I want to keep this post mainly positive!

So my little sweetheart has suddenly progressed so much! Here are the things I have noticed this past week.

– climb up stairs (she can do this a while back but is much more stable now)

– stack the Fisher Price Brillant Basics Rock a Stack

– clap her hands

– say mum mum when she is hungry. Is this her first word then? She knows how to say mum mum some time ago, but I didn’t think that she knows what it means. These days she will say it when she’s really hungry though! One more interesting word is gei gei, she said that when she was super impatient while waiting for us to get ready to go out. I wonder if she knows that means gai gai? I only heard that once before, so definitely going to pay more attention to her blabbering these days!

– comb her hair. I bought a comb for her recently and she actually know how to use it! I wonder how since I don’t really comb my hair very often hahahaha.

– shake her head when she doesn’t want something

– hold her own milk bottle, not throughout the whole feed though because she gets distracted. but there was once when I left the bottle near her and went to do something else, and she just picked it up and just started drinking while standing up holding on to the coffee table haha

– stand on her own for a few seconds. she started doing this a few weeks back but wasn’t too frequent but this past week she seem to have gotten stronger (and more confident) in standing!


This is all I can think of right now, but I am quite amazed by how much she has grown! Other notable things are that she can understand what I am saying most of the time, like no, pass me things, bye bye to mean that I am going off etc. She is also super sensitive, whenever I raise my voice a little to shout that I mean business, she will burst into tears. T and I find it very amusing, but I am sure it will turn into an annoying habit if she rolls around on the floor hahaha.



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