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Spring in Tokyo 2015 – Part 1

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I recently went to Tokyo (end April) so I thought I would share some photos and the places I went since I brought baby T along with me! It was a solo journey there since T will be traveling from US to meet me in Tokyo. I decided to tag along for his work trip because I am sick of staying in Singapore but don’t want to travel without my baby unless it’s for work 😉 Before the trip I did a little research on the places I could go (which wasn’t a lot) as we stayed in Shinagawa but I figured being in a different country should be sufficient to entertain a 1 year old already. Schedule

She will usually wake up between 630-7am and then we would give her milk after she wakes. After we are all ready to go down, which is usually around 8-830, we would all have breakfast together which is different from what Taylor is used to at home but we are going to switch to this schedule when we get home anyway. After that Daddy would leave for work and I will bring her back to room to clean up a little, and get ready to bring her out for that day. We usually head out around 1030, which is very close to her nap time, so I will bring her to our intended place of the day and give her milk before getting her ready for a nap. After that, I will choose somewhere quiet to hang out, either to have coffee or lunch or even ice cream one day.


Once she wakes, if I am at a convenient place to feed her lunch, I will do it there if not I will just pop to a nearby café/restaurant to feed her. After her lunch, the fun starts for her where she will spend her afternoon exploring the place I have chosen to bring her to that day. Around 3pm I will give her some snacks while she’s playing, and then around 4-5pm, depending on how she feels, I will give her a bottle and prepare her for her second nap. After her nap I will bring her back to hotel to have dinner with Daddy if he is free. If not, I will grab dinner from the station before heading back.

Even though we go to different places every day, but she pretty much follows the same routine so it worked out rather well.

Ok that was a lengthy intro so I am just going to start talking about the places I went. Probably going to spilt this into 2-3 posts in case it gets too long.

The first proper day we went to Tokyo Tower! Met up with my friend Miki and her family. It was a sunny day and very beautiful weather.


Well, T didn’t go up since he’s afraid of heights and not baby T either since she was napping haha. It is their loss because the view is spectacular! I always love having a bird’s eye view.


After that, we had a nice sushi lunch around the corner and then headed to Ginza for some shopping.

Not much shopping done since we only went to Uniqlo but better than nothing. Sadly I left some of my loots back in the hotel ;(

Since it is springtime, it really isn’t too cold and all baby T needed was a jacket. A hoodie is very useful when the wind gets strong and also when I want to cover her eyes to get her to sleep quicker hahaha.

20150426_143244 20150426_143418

Ok signing off now since I am tired. Will try to continue again this week! 🙂


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