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Spring in Tokyo – Part 2

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The next day is a Monday so I am on my own. For my first day, I decided to head to an area I have been to before – Shibuya!

I decided on Seibu Muji as they have a kids play area on level 5 and diaper changing area. Both very important once you have kids. It wasn’t too difficult getting around as there were elevators whenever I needed them after some looking around.

From Shibuya station, I exited via Tokyu to use their elevator and once outside you will be able to see Hachiko. Walk towards the famous Starbucks just right across the famous Shibuya crossing and you will be able to see Seibu. From there it should be quite easy to get to Muji as there are link bridges.


Baby T really enjoyed her time there as there were a lot of toys to explore. I also managed to get some clothes for her ^^ I fed her at level 2 where the café is. As I wasn’t hungry, I only got a coffee but the staff didn’t chase me away. I saw a few moms with their strollers enjoying their lunch there too so it I guess it’s rather popular among moms to hang out here too.


On Tuesday, I went to meet my Japanese colleagues since our office is really near to where I stayed. They showed world class hospitality by allowing me to use the meeting room to feed baby T after our lunch.

One of the places I had on my list was Kiddyland in Harajuku so I decided to head there after settling baby T. To walk to Kiddyland, once you exit from Harajuku station, cross the street and you will see Gap. Facing Gap, turn right and turn left at the first corner. Keep walking straight and cross the street when you get to. Keep walking straight and you will reach Kiddyland! It’s around 5-10 minutes walk.

I wanted to go Kiddyland as it is a toy store and I thought it will be fun for baby T but a lot of the toys were for bigger kids or even adults and many of them were in boxes so she couldn’t really play with them per se. But in the end she still had fun exploring the place just looking at the other people in the store and walking around.


There is restrooms in Kiddyland itself and also a restroom that is bigger and meant for changing diapers on level 1 as well. As she was well stimulated at the toy store, she promptly fell asleep while I was walking back to the train station. So I did manage to spend some time at a local drugstore and did some shopping! I also chat up a super nice store assistant who gave me his staff discount because I didn’t have my passport with me and wasn’t entitled to do tax refund.

And ta-da! My haul 😀


Am super pleased that I managed to get some shopping done!


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