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Spring in Japan – Part 3

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On Wednesday, since it was a public holiday, T could join in whatever we are doing. So we went to Fuji Matsuri, a flower festival. It was of wisteria which was really pretty. The google version was really awesome so my expectations were high but when I got there, it was extremely crowded and the view wasn’t the same. So I guessed the google version must have been at another place!


baby T fell alseep on the way there so we had to push our stroller amidst this crowd. Obviously, we made our way around the bridge instead hahaha 😉

The wisteria that we came for! Swaying beautifully along with the breeze.


And another photo of the crowd


After, we headed to Shinagawa since we wanted to check out if the supermarket there has Enfamil milk powder. baby T was going through a growth spurt so she was drinking a lot more milk than usual so we ran out. But apparently, Japan doesn’t stock foreign macilk powder brands?! Anyway, we still enjoyed our time there since we had yummy tempura. There was also a sky garden where we spent some time there soaking in the sunshine.



The plan on Thursday was to head to Akachan Honpo. I read that it is a store that sells everything for babies and there was one a few train stops away from my hotel.

I actually saw pretty clear directions online but can’t find it now! Anyway, I did check the directions with the concerige since they were posted in 2009 or something, and I wanted to make sure they haven’t moved! Get on the JR Yamanote line to Gotanda Station, take the West exit and cross the street. Take the TOC shuttle (there is a TOC sign at the bus stop so it should be really easy to locate) and get off at the second stop. FYI the bus is only making 2 stops. Walk through the doors of the building it stopped at, known as TOC building and take the elevator to level 5. You should be able to spot Akachan Honpo.

Since it is a departmental store for babies/kids, there is a changing area and several nursing rooms. It is also very spacious and has a rather large variety of goods ranging from shoes to food to toys. We spent the most time in the toy section the most of course, and there is a little playarea that baby T enjoyed a lot too!


That’s her playing with toys. I love bringing her to the toy store! There’s a wide variety and she doesn’t bug me to buy anything for her. Yet. hahahaha 😉 I am going to enjoy it while it lasts!

That basically sums up my whole week in Japan. We didn’t go anywhere special on Friday since we were leaving that evening. I only brought her out for a short walk to the nearby supermarket.

Overall, it was a really enjoyable and memorable first overseas trip as a family! So much that we recently went Phuket as well. Will blog about that soon.

Now, ending with the breakfast I had daily in Japan. Beef donburi!

20150429_084359 20150428_085801


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