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what I’ve been wearing…(24)

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This week has been brutal. I suddenly feel like there’s too much shit to do, and I can’t concentrate well, my bad memory is worse than usual etc. My balance is just off.

Hoping that next week will be better, especially since T is coming back tonight! Have so much to tell him.


1) Tank top from Target, Cardigan from Gap, Skirt from a random shop in Shenzhen


2) Tube dress from a random shop in Shenzhen, shawl from Gap, sandals from River Island

IMG_4655 IMG_4656

3) Dress from TFNC London, Flats from H&M

Wore this for Phantom of the Opera, because I wore it almost 2 years back when I was in Paris for Moulin Rouge. Changed into a pair of heels for the show though, cutesy flats were for the office 😉

IMG_4657 IMG_4644

4) Dress from Zara, sandals from Melissa + Jason Wu, watch from Lipsy, clutch from a random shop in Seoul

Scored this dress during Zara’s sale, and I love it so much! The prints, how flowy it is, and the sexy back even though you can’t tell hahaha. Can definitely see myself wearing it again and again.


Have a good weekend people!


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July 27, 2013 at 3:29 PM

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what I’ve been wearing…(23)

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Looking at my outfits for this post, and there’s only one skirt that is new! Pinterest has been particularly helpful in getting me to piece outfits together with my existing wardrobe.

Been more restrained in shopping but when I do, I splurge instead so I have no idea if I am spending more in the past or now =o


1) Top from Megagamie, Skirt from a random shop in Seoul, necklace from Smooch

I have grown to learn that I do not suit statement necklaces at all! Bought a few, but I think this is the only one I will keep.


2) Top from Bershka, skirt from a random shop in Shenzhen

I feel like a schoolgirl in this outfit! hahaha 😉


3) Dress from Zara, bag from Louis Vuitton, sandals from River Island


4) Tshirt from Aeropostale, jeans from H&M

Kind of excited about heading to the States again next month!

On one hand, I have quite a bit of things that I want to buy and am seriously considering if I should bring an extra bag to store all my loots. On the other hand, I am going to be away from T for 2 whole weeks! That’s just sad. I seriously wonder how people last in long distance relationships.

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July 23, 2013 at 2:03 PM

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what I’ve been wearing…(22)

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Looking through my photos and realised that I have quite a bit of outfits that I haven’t posted. Not going to dump them all into one post, but will spread them out throughout this week! 🙂


1) Dress from River Island, shoes from Charles and Keith


2) Top from Gap, skirt from Love Bonito, shoes from Smooch


3) Top and Skirt from H&M, shoes from Charles and Keith, Bag from Karen Millen


4) Cardigan from a random blogshop ages ago, dress and shoes from ASOS


5) Top from Zara, Skirt from Megagamie


6) Tank top from Target, Cardigan from JCrew, skirt from H&M

All these outfits seem like from such a long time ago, except for the last one. But I wanted to feature it in this post to show how I wore the skirt differently, or not so differently. Thinking of letting the skirt go, and I should probably get around to updating my selling page for clothes! Definitely need more wardrobe space.

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July 21, 2013 at 2:02 PM

what I’ve been wearing…(21)

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I am fairly certain that I will not be able to become a fashion blogger because I keep forgetting to take my outfits! But I have found a good spot which is just out at my lift in the morning when the sunlight is really good so that is going to be my new background 😀


1) Blazer and Belt from ASOS, dress from River Island


2) Dress and shoes from ASOS, Pullover from Bangkok


3) Scarf from FCUK, Top from Victoria’s Secret, Skirt from Korea, Bag from Karen Millen


4) Dress from H&M, Scarf from Gap, Bag from Karen Millen


5) Dress from ASOS, Bag from Karen Millen, Shoes from Zara

I think I love my third outfit the most, and that was my church attire one Saturday. Also making it a point to wear my scarves more often though it can get so hot sometimes. Have not been buying a lot of clothes recently as I feel like I don’t need anything new. Also feeling the need to purge but I am not sure what to purge! Really need to spend one weekend to look through everything and think about it hard.

Who had thought that being vain can be so difficult?

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April 15, 2013 at 12:09 AM

what I’ve been wearing…(20)

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Happy Chinese New Year to everyone who celebrates!

Been very busy the past 2 weeks. Wanted to do the last part of my honeymoon posts but couldn’t find the chance to upload the photos yet T_T

I haven’t been taking many outfit photos recently, and these are the last of what I have. Need to get more inspired!

IMG_3111 IMG_3112

1) Shirt + Skirt + Shoes from Zara, bag from Balenciaga

If you don’t already know, Zara is one of my favorite places to shop! 😉

IMG_3114 IMG_3113

2) Peplum top from Love Bonito, pants from Mango, bag from Balenciaga

IMG_3116 IMG_3115

3) Top from Zara, Skirt and Flats from Smooch, bag from Balengiaca

Smooch is another favorite place to shop, and they often offer Zara inspired items. Highly recommend everyone to check them out!

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February 13, 2013 at 11:43 AM

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what I’ve been wearing…(19)

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Monday, another start of the week.

I wish I don’t suffer from a case of Monday blues, but I do every single week! Is this bad? Feel like I am just passing through life, without really living it =/

Somehow, keeping this blog maintains a little of my sanity. Although I don’t know how.


This post’s focus is on this H&M zipper skirt that I have, not my Monday blues.

I remember getting this in Hongkong’s H&M! For the longest time, I didn’t wear it at all because I didn’t know how to pair it except with a white blouse that I have. Now that I have more white tops, I get to wear it with alternate between them for a different look.

IMG_3083 IMG_3082

1) top from Bershka, skirt from H&M, bag from Balenciaga, flats from ASOS

IMG_3085 IMG_3084

2) white tank from ASOS, knit from Love Bonito, skirt from H&M, bag from Balenciaga, heels from Zara


I actually really liked how the second look turned out! Very casual chic 🙂

Pinterest is my favorite place to get inspiration and it really helps me to look at the current clothing items I have and style them differently.

Follow me here:

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January 28, 2013 at 5:32 PM

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what I’ve been wearing…(18)

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Hello hello!

My weekend flew by really quickly, because we were so swamped with activities. I am really looking forward to chilling at home this weekend though, I am a real hermit at heart! =x

Here’s another post of ‘What I’ve been wearing’. I haven’t been buying a lot of clothes recently, or at least compared to the past when I have a few parcels reaching me every week. The reason being because I don’t have space and I didn’t want to feel overwhelmed by everything.

So I have been wearing a lot of my favorites from the past and slowly phasing out some that are from a few years back and are not my style anymore. Passing them along to my sister!

IMG_2873 IMG_2872

1) Dress from ASOS

One of my favorite dresses that I see myself wearing again and again. The quality is pretty awesome too 😀


2) Dress from ASOS, Cardigan from Cotton On, Belt from BKK, bag from Tods

IMG_2637 IMG_2638

3) Top from Zara, Hi-low skirt from Cotton On, Belt from ASOS

I’ve styled this skirt a few times but this is my favorite look so far.


4) Cardigan from J.Crew, skirt from H&M, bag from Tods

I am on the fence about keeping this skirt initially because I felt like it is difficult to wear it differently each time. Recently I have been into exploring different textures in a look and I am surprised at how this turns out. The soft cotton of the cardigan really complement the chiffon skirt. Will try pairing it with cable-knits next probably!


5) Dress from Hervelvetvase, Cardigan from Cotton On, Bag from Balenciaga

Yes, please say hi to my new baby from Balenciaga that T got for my birthday from Vegas during our honeymoon! 🙂

So glad that I finally bite the bullet and decided on a Bal because I have been lusting after it for so long that I ended up buying other things to make myself feel better. Works temporarily only, of course.

Don’t assume that I won’t buy any other bags, because I still have a long list of items that I am lusting after :p

Slowly but surely yo 😉

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January 7, 2013 at 2:43 PM

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