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Makan Trip over the long weekend!

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For those who don’t know, makan is malay for eat.

My friends and I (5 of of us in total) wanted to drive to KL in November for a foodie trip but because of some unforeseen circumstances, we decided to shift it to last weekend instead. I’m still amazed by how we managed to coordinate everything in a week’s time and had an awesome time!

I shall not write too much in this post, but be warned first that this post mainly has food pictures and there is A LOT.

Let’s go!

1) A&W’s corney dog, trying it for the first time (usually I have the chicken). Still don’t get why everyone raves over A&W, it’s just another fast food joint to me.

2) Finally in Petaling Jaya and we had dim sum for lunch at Jin Xuan Hong Kong (锦选香港特极点心)! The prawns were so fresh ❤ And the siew mai is damn good too, haven’t had a good siew mai in a long long time.

3) SnowFlake Dessert – T and I shared this huge bowl that was bigger than my palm.

4) Dinner at 李雄记冷气酒家. Every dish is mouth-watering good!

5) Random close ups of 2 dishes haha.

6) Did you think we were done?! Seriously, don’t under-estimate us yo :p Ken brought us to a mamak, which is a place that sells indian muslim food. The cheese naan is da bomb! SG’s version is weak compared to this. And they even give us condensed milk to dip the naan in, how sinful is that? =o

7) Mango special & Lychee special.

8) And finally, our last meal for the FIRST day. Ice ka chang at a hawker nearby! Look at the number of spoons, teehee 😉

The next day, our plan was to drive to Kuala Selangor for seafood, paddy fields and fireflies at night.

9) On our way there, we spotted a cendol drive-through. So cool! Of course we have to try, it was actually quite good considering the fact that I’ve never liked cendol, but this one is just right for my taste buds 😀

10) Reached the seafood place for lunch. Having lunch by a river is always nice, because of the constant wind. I love to smell the salt in the air ^^

11) Part 1 of our meal. Only the calamari stood out, the rest was just meh. The bamboo clams were kind of stinky so we had to send them back to the kitchen!

12) The 2 types of crabs we ordered. Nothing fantastic either, some of the crabs didn’t seem fresh and my friends agreed too.

13) Random self shot. Sunnies from Tokyo, I miss that place so much!

14) And finally we reached the paddy fields. We didn’t know what stage the paddy fields would be in, just planted or, but thankfully it was all green and pretty, waving to us with the help of the breeze.

15) With the love of my life 🙂

16) Went to the beach (Redang) and we all took photos with this sign. 适耕庄!

17) Some obligatory photos of the beach, very similar to Singapore’s beaches so it didn’t catch my eye at all. I enjoyed the mangoes that were sold by the beach more.

18) Me being happy.

We then headed to Bukit Melawati for its light house and monkeys.

19) Silver leaf monkeys sitting around not bothered by the numerous tourists snapping away.

19) A long-tailed Macaque (be careful of them! they can get rather aggressive) and the light house.

And then we headed for more food. We had more activities planned so didn’t eat as often as the first day but each meal was so filling.

20) Beggar’s Chicken. The meat was so tender, and very flavorful! My favorite dish 😀

21) 8-treasure rice and pork knuckle.

We then headed to Kampung Kuantan to watch the fireflies, or know as kelip-kelip in malay. The name is so cute, the whole night I tried to use it as often as I can lol. I don’t have any photos because cameras just can’t seem to capture the lights but it will be something remembered in my heart forever. Although I do not want to remember the fear of being on a sampan when it’s very dark on the river with the possibility of crocodiles appearing.

The next day is Sunday, which is when we are due to return to Singapore. But not before having more food! This time, we drove to Klang for bak kut teh. The original place that serves bak kut teh is some place called Seng Huat Bak Kut Teh but Ken’s auntie said that it isn’t very hygienic so we went Pao Xiang instead. Later we learnt that Singapore has Pao Xiang too at Marina Square! Should probably head over there to try and see if there’s any difference in taste.

22) Our last meal in Malaysia. Bak Kut Teh!

And that marks the end of our food adventure, and we will definitely be planning more in the future! Not near though, we need to do some serious dieting first hehe. 

Thanks for reading and hope I didn’t make you too hungry :p xx


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October 30, 2012 at 10:43 PM

Days of my Life (4)

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It’s been way too long. I just got back from a work trip in Adelaide, before that I was in Shanghai for a short holiday as well, and next week I will be heading over to the States for my honeymoon 🙂

Not too long ago I was still complaining that I haven’t been on holidays and right now, I am jetting off almost every week! ;p

I have a lot of overdue photos, but thought I should start with food, because come on, who doesn’t love looking at food photos right?!

1) Baywater prawn linguine from House @ Dempsey. I always order this when I go there! Craving for it as I look at the photo haha.

2) cheesecake I made for my brother’s birthday in August that was a hit with everyone. The recipe I used is here 🙂

  3) Korean food at Goldhill Plaza! Very authentic, and expensive. Oh well o_o

4) Tried this recipe the other day because we had some chicken breasts left from a BBQ the night before. Didn’t taste as good as I expected it to be! It was good, but I just thought it would be cheesier.

5) Butter chicken at Goldhill Plaza with my new Sonny Angel that I got for 2 other friends too. I just had butter chicken again last night and I will be going there again and again. Yes to places with no service charge!


Now excuse me while I go run some errands and also book some beauty appointments before my trip next Friday. Xx


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September 27, 2012 at 12:13 PM

A diet is close to impossible.

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Here are some of my favorite meals over the past couple of weeks.

1) Indian Meal at Science Park II. Buffet is only at $9.90/pax nett. Super worth it! The chicken Tikka I had is the best I ever had. And the butter naan, ahhhh…thinking about it makes me hungry again.

2) vanilla cupcakes I baked for breakfast one Sunday morning. I found the perfect recipe so it’s time to move on to a new dish. Tackled pecan last Sunday and going to give oreo cheesecake a go this Sunday!

3) Ramen at Holland V. Yums, but Ramen Champion is still the best.

4) Alfredo pasta I made for dinner one night. I used those ready-made sauces available at the supermarket and threw in some honey-baked ham to sweeten it. Ridiculously easy dinner that I foresee myself doing over and over again.

Thanks for reading! Xx

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July 30, 2012 at 10:50 PM

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Last Saturday’s Brunch

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Doing a short update, gonna get busy as the wedding is just 3 weeks away and T’s parents have arrived in Singapore! They will be staying with T and I am expected to dine very often with them I guess T__T Praying real hard I will be able to survive!


Goldhill plaza sprouted quite a few new places for us to chill and I am glad for that! One that we tried last Saturday is Kitchenette.

Apparently, they got featured on the news and were exceptionally full that morning so they ran out of poached eggs by the time I got my lazy ass there 😦

So I got a roasted beef sandwich instead and it was much better than expected!

Definitely returning for more Xx

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June 18, 2012 at 5:55 PM

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A casual Valentine’s day dinner

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Our initial plan was to not celebrate since he has to go on a business trip. I even jokingly tell him to switch his flight to be back on the 15 so we can skip the stress of deciding where to go.

In the end, after reading about all the fun things that people were doing over the weekend, I decided to try my luck making a reservation. BUT, le sigh…I ish have no luck 😡

We ended up at an Italian restaurant near our place, so casual that he even wore berms 😉

1) complimentary bread, very lightly toasted, just the way I like it.

2) smoked salmon – I wanted Parma ham with rock melon but T prefers salmon so I gave in. Love is all about small compromises! :p Salmon tasted pretty good with the vegetables and tomatoes.

3) Squid Ink Pasta with Tiger Prawns – when it came, I was not very impressed because I felt that the serving was too small. I had imagined huge prawns! But it was surprisingly good, especially the prawns. They were being barbecued to perfection.

4) Lamb chop – the lamb was not overwhelming, and it didn’t have the stinky lamb smell that people fear so much. However, what really made the dish stand out is the roast potatoes – it was very flavorful!

5) tiramisu – because the servings were moderate, we managed to be able to squeeze in a dessert. I’m not a fan of tiramisu, but this made me wonder if it’s because I haven’t tasted any nice ones.

And T got me an extra present – Chanel’s Chance EDT! ❤

No matter how your day was spent, as long as it’s with love, it should be a pretty damn amazing one just like how mine was. X

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February 15, 2012 at 3:52 PM

Serenity Cafe @ Vivo City

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The other day, I went for dinner with Charmaine and T at Vivo City. I decided on Serenity Cafe because it was one of the few restaurants that I haven’t tried before (I used to go Vivo often because my ex-workplace was near there) until everyone kept telling me that we did go there before LOL.

Anyway, food pictures!

1) Tortilla Española
Spanish omelette with potato and onion

I love potato, I love egg, I love onion but together they don’t taste exceptional. Suddenly got reminded of my sweet potato tuna pancakes. Now that, is an unusual yet awesome combination. Need to make it soon!

2) Calamares a la plancha
Freshly grilled squid in extra virgin olive oil

This was CRAZY GOOD! Just thinking about it makes me sigh. happy sigh. I used to love fried squid/calamari but now grilled ones have my heart.

3) Salmón
Grilled salmon with julienne vegetable & fresh herb serve with mashed potato

Not too bad, but not the best I’ve ever tasted. Very forgettable.

4) Costillar de Cordero de Menorca Asado
Baby lamb rack marinated with fresh thyme and rosemary; grilled to perfection & served with couscous in orange honey white wine sauce

When it came, I was really surprised by how small it looked. Usually racks are huge, no? But now, reading the description, I realised it’s baby lamb rack. No wonder, ha! It was rather meaty but still considered a small serving.

Overall, I felt that it is too expensive and not worth it unless you are really into spanish food. AND they charged us $2 for warm water! #cheatmoneyonly

Ending off with a photo of my favorite person, I miss him so much! 2 more days till he’s back.

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February 11, 2012 at 11:12 PM

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Days of my life (1)

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When there is time, I snap a quick picture but it doesn’t warrant a post of its own. But I would still like to share them so I decided to do this ‘Days of my life’ series which shows how I spend my days and the things I saw.

I had wanted to try Project 365 but I know I will forget or I will be stressed on deciding which photo is the best for the day and that will take the fun out of photography, no?

ok here goes!

1) Random GIF while preparing to go out, hehe.

2) Stuff I got from Watsons recently. Eyemask is really good!

3) Strictly Pancakes (44A Prinsep Street) with my sister and mom – I enjoyed my pancakes a lot! Not sure why a lot of people seems to be disappointed with the food quality. Are there better pancakes elsewhere?! Please share. I do think they are on the pricy side though, averaging between $20-25/pax for one main and a drink.

4) Eyelashes and glue I bought from Changi City Point – the glue is really awesome! Let me know if you want a review? 🙂

5) Waiting for go for a dinner with T.

6) Aquamarine @ Marina Mandarin – dessert selection is really good! salmon is awesome much too ❤

7) Watami @ Raffles City – bummed that my ramen has a normal egg instead of the gooey one but the soup is quite good as compared to normal ramen places. Ramen champion is still the best, of course.

8) At Marina Bay Sands waiting for friends to come to spend the NYE’s together. The view was spectacular, I ❤ fireworks!

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January 5, 2012 at 5:28 PM