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BKK Part 2

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Day 4

Wearing my new tshirt I got from DailyFresh and it says ‘Fat people are harder to kidnap.’. I wished they had added a ‘yo’ for effect haha!

I went to Pratunam Market which was near Platinum Shopping mall. The items there are cheaper, but usually they require you to buy 3 items and above to get the wholesale price. Not a good idea to go alone, unless you are hardcore like me, can buy 3 pieces of the same design in different colours. FOR MYSELF 😛

Decided to rest my feet at Tom N Toms Coffee and have a late lunch.

Travelling alone has made me grown to LOVE coffee places, in particular Starbucks. Sometimes when I don’t know where to go, and I do not want to be back in the hotel room (again!), I would just find a corner, order a java chip and chill. I feel sheltered from the rest of the world, and their music is strangely calming.

I was reading the poster where it explained where it explained the word expresso come from. I cringe my nose, because I think that expresso sucks. Then it occurred to me that I don’t even remember how expresso taste like! SIGH. I wish I would stop being so judgmental.

Because it was our last dinner, T decided to bring me somewhere special where he claims has the most awesome fried curry crab in BKK.

Look at the massive amount of food ordered and we finished everything! Except for a bit of the oyster. Too many oysters =  NOT good for the body 😡

Somboon Seafood, Thailand.

Check out tripadvisor for more reviews!

Day 5

top: forever21, outerwear & shorts: Platinum Mall, headband: MBK

Because we have to check out at 130pm, I didn’t have time for anything else except to do my nails and grab some snacks for family.

Found this awesome place to do nails at cheap prices! My nail art post is here.

To get here, go to the second floor and exit to another building. Or like me, ask around till you find the place. There are two places to do nails, and mine is done at Pinky Nails, which is the second store.

One funny thing is the first time I went there, the manicurist mistaken me as a Korean. And the second time I went there, their customer spoke to me in JAPANESE and she is a Thai! My manicurist was laughing at me la, say that I don’t look Singaporean at all LOL.

And, just the day before, a Korean spoke to me in Korean. o.0 I shall graciously accept all compliments, since Korean girls are pretty (think SNSD). an-yung! xx


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September 12, 2011 at 5:08 PM

BKK Part 1

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This trip creeped up on me.I didn’t even know I was going anywhere until a few days ago, T mentioned something about having to go BKK and then all of a sudden tickets are booked because since I have nothing on, I might as well tag along. right? Not a really good idea actually, because I had limited $$ due to the upcoming Europe trip. Still I enjoyed myself by relaxing.

Day 1 + 2

This was my first time taking Thai Airways, and frankly they scared the shit out of me. The landing and taking off, omg *shakes head* Plus, we checked in at Terminal 1 instead of the usual Terminal 3 boos.

But oh well, in BKK safe and sound! Rested for a while before heading for dinner with my classmate who just so happened to be there as well. The next few days were spent alone. After all, T was supposed to be on a business trip. I went to do my nails, because I wanted something to last for a few days before going back to do a new design for back to sg hehe…

After having done my nails at MBK, I headed to Platinum. Like where else to shop in BKK? Even the locals shop here!

I love red mango. It was $3 instead of $5 in SG, but that’s because they gave cheapo cereal instead of granola. Oh well, it was a pretty good place to chill and rest my feet.

Soon after, I headed back and we had dinner at the IT mall near the hotel.

 I was so effing happy that I finally got to have my pineapple fried rice! It has been such a long time because I just can’t seem to find it in SG anymore.

poor people stuck in jams rushing home. 

Day 3

I didn’t bother dressing up because I didn’t want to attract unnecessary attention. I also spilt my $$ into different sections just in case ya know. 8)

Expensive massage offered at the hotel. 700baht/hr! I went to Urban Retreat at Asoke Station instead, and it was only 350baht/hr for head and shoulder massage. Still slightly more expensive by BKK’s standards but the ambience’s really nice. Feeling sad that I did only ONE massage 😦

 We had dinner at the same place because we are boring. ha! this meal costs around 400+baht. cheap!

Flowery headbands are all the rage now, and so I got myself a few too. How to resist since they are so cute?! Also because I have a thing for hair accessories ❤

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September 11, 2011 at 2:36 PM

Seoul Part 2

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I am finishing the rest of my Seoul trip in this post because I did not take many photos (except of myself HAHA) for the rest of the days.



I posted photos of this dress which comes along with the pullover on Facebook and received positive response. So, I bought a few extra pieces. Anyone interested please leave a comment (comments are screened) =p


It was such a gloomy day that I headed back to the hotel early to rest. I saw a lot of pretty shops along the way, but I dont know why, Korea just doesn’t quite have my heart yet.


super ❤ my H&M scarf. Took a cab to Coex Mall, which is like hugeeeeee and boring lol. ok not that boring, but just not that interesting to shop alone. Got Valleygirl’s clothes from there though! it’s an Australian brand and I was really surprised and elated when I saw it.

Ordered this sweet potato with cheese chicken cutlet set. super yummy! finally, a break from my usual sandwich and iced coffee that is a million calories. Oh well, this is probably a million calories as well, but SO GOOD.


and ending my day with a stroll along the street to take in the atmosphere of people rushing home to their loved ones for dinner, experiencing my life like a Korean =p



and it was Myeongdong again so I didn’t take many photos. Just my usual sandwich and frappe.


and of course, not forgetting random photos of my shopping bags!

oh oh, before ending, I just wanted to share a funny incident. TFS gave me these 2 boxes as free gifts and I was so frigging excited because it was packaged SOOO NICELY!

But guess what they contained? just cotton pads -__- make me feel so stupid. kthxbye. next post, maybe detailed photos of my skincare + cosmetics haul. xo!











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August 27, 2011 at 10:36 PM

almost blown away.

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An-yŏng-ha-se-yo! I’m in kimchi land now, so I haven’t had much time to blog. But here’s 2 patronizing photos. Tried korean style makeup, which is light eyeshadow to reflect light, and reddish-pink lips.

When I was in Japan, the japs think I am Korean. Now that I am in Korea, the koreans think I’m Japanese. I ish mixed blood! BUT, normally they think that I am local la hehe =p

early happy national day singapore!

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August 8, 2011 at 5:42 PM

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Hello! This is my favorite picture of myself for now. I know, I’m such a narcissist =p

 I actually played with a little makeup since I’ve been so lazy ever since I stopped working. And I guess I got a little bit too trigger-happy with my new camera heh 😉

But, enjoy the photo-spam! ;D


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August 2, 2011 at 1:53 PM

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