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Gardens by the Bay

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It’s friday! Can’t believe how fast the week just flew by, although I felt like I didn’t accomplish much. Not sure if I am too slow or my expectations are too high.

Anyway, I decided to be hardworking and finish up this post since I already got the photos sorted anyway. So it’s true that if you have more things on your plate, you will tend to be less lazy hahaha

One of the rare dates that T and I went on recently is to Gardens by the Bay because I wanted to catch Tulipmania. It was the only day that both of us were free and sadly, the tulips were not in bloom! wtf.

Still, it was fun since it’s the first time I’ve been there anyway.


P1060509 P1060513




Taking some time to smell the flowers heh 😉







All bulbs and no tulips ;(



Theses were the only tulips in bloom.




Misleading poster! My unhappiness is written on my face hahahaha




P1060606 P1060607

Moving on to the other dome…

P1060613 P1060621








Ended the day by walking pass Au Chocolat that was almost empty, and I was really pissed about it because I called earlier on for a reservation but they said they were full for the whole day. Second wtf of the day. Also bought a strawberry pie that’s yummy but not yummy enough to justify $12. So I don’t think I will want to go back there for food anymore.


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June 14, 2013 at 10:34 PM

End of 2012…and Start of 2013.

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How did everyone spend their NYE and the first day of New Year?

My NYE was very quiet, the fact that I had to work dampened my spirits for any celebrations! Ok I am just exaggerating, truth is I am not much of a party girl these days.

So I ended up working, also finished up my Top 12 Beauty products post (just below this post! Link here) and researched for a place to go for brunch the next day.

We went to Ichiban for dinner, nothing fancy at all. Also polished off a bottle of red wine at home while watching mindless tv. Talked about everything and nothing, just being very comfortable in each other’s presence 🙂

I also wore new PJs for the night!

IMG_2942 from Victoria’s Secret

First day of 2013 is a little more exciting.

I had decided on Spruce the day before, because I had heard good reviews about it.


Unfortunately, it was all very meh for me. The food was at best, average. We also ordered a bagel with smoked salmon (which I didn’t bother taking a photo of) and I felt that Starbucks had better bagels! Come on Spruce…!

Oh well, at least we did manage to drive out and try a new place instead of always staying around our area.


outfit of the day: sequined top from Lipsy, jumper from Bangkok, bag from Balenciaga, shoes from ASOS


2013 is going to be full of adventures I think…so looking forward to it!

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January 3, 2013 at 8:53 PM

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Recently, my friend asked me to model for her shop because she is desperate unable to find a new model on short notice.

Here are some photos that are nicer, and if you are interested, do hop over to Laziebon and show your support!

It was a fun experience! Didn’t expect it to be that tiring though. After modeling for her shop, I’m super tempted to sell up my own online store too hmmm. Maybe just to sell off some pre-loved clothes first.

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August 7, 2012 at 4:39 PM

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Saturday Date at Hatched

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The other day, I woke up earier than my usual Saturday time and had a strong craving for eggs benedict.

So I dragged T out of bed, dressed up and decided for us to go Hatched! Hatched is a place that serves all-day breakfast and specializes in egg dishes.

Located @ 26 Evans Road, #01-06 Evans Lodge. Call  6735 0012 for reservations!

Outfit of the day: chiffon top from Cotton On, basic spag from forever21, crochet shorts from Smooch

And ta-da! My lovely eggs benedict ^-^

I would come back here for a casual meal since it’s so convenient for us, but there are definitely better eggs benedict out there! Oh and I feel that it is so overpriced in SG…the other time when I was in Melbourne, 1 egg benedict is only AUS$4? Over here, it’s SGD$9 excluding service charge and taxes T__T

And 2 silly photos to end my post…the weather was crazy that day, hitting 36 degreesC!

Thanks for reading! Xx

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May 23, 2012 at 10:21 AM

My Titanic Experience

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This is the first time I’ve ever been to the Art Science Museum.

It is pretty impressive, just like the rest of Marina Bay Sands which has become an iconic part of Singapore.

The Titanic exhibition marks the 100th year anniversary and is interesting to me in terms of the artefacts that they displayed and the way they actually model out parts of the ship for us to experience how it really is like for eg, the bedrooms, the hallways, and also the deck which is the prettiest!

Unfortunately, I don’t have any more photos of the exhibition except the 2 below because photography is not allowed 😦

There were also gigantic black and white posters outside the exhibition and it was fun hanging around there.

And signing off with these cute coasters, Xx

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April 24, 2012 at 4:47 PM

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It’s Tea Time!

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The week before I started my new job, I went for afternoon tea at TWG @ Marina Bay Sands.

An interesting story I found – about how afternoon tea came about 😉

Legend has it that afternoon tea was started in the mid-1800s by the Duchess of Bedford. Around this time, gas or oil light was introduced in wealthier homes, and eating a late dinner (around eight or nine PM) became fashionable. At the time, there were only two meals each day — a mid-morning, breakfast-like meal and the other was an increasingly late dinner-like meal.The story goes that the Duchess found herself with a “sinking feeling” (likely fatigue from hunger during the long wait between meals) and decided to have some friends over for assorted snacks and tea (a very fashionable drink at the time). The idea of an afternoon tea gathering spread across high society and became a favorite pastime of ladies of leisure. Later, it spread beyond the highest elites and became more accessible for some other socioeconomic groups. (

As much I enjoy sitting at nice cafes sipping teas and having a scone, I haven’t done it much because I don’t have friends who are as free as me. So I have never tried TWG before, despite it being a fairly popular place in Singapore with several outlets all at prime locations.

And of course, I adore that experience – picking at my scones, spreading it with whipped cream and jam and sipping the tea. It is very tempting for me to get nice china to put at home so I can replicate the experience every weekend afternoon.

Unfortunately, I have started work already which is why I am not blogging as frequently. I am slowly getting used to it and hopefully everything will go on smoothly! Need to earn more money for the finer things in life, and also to pay for the wedding.

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March 20, 2012 at 11:00 PM

Maybelline Event

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I was invited to a Maybelline event 2 weeks back for the launch of upcoming items. It was held at Covelli, an Italian place at Orchard Central.

I had attended a Maybelline workshop a long time ago and I enjoyed it a lot so I was mighty pleased that I was able to take part again this time round! Really think that Maybelline is putting a lot of effort into their marketing, which is very innovative and worth praising. This is the first time they held such a large get-together for bloggers and fans. Also, they always have a lot of roadshows with hunks and babes…taking a hint from Abercrombie I guess? =p

At first, I thought it would be fashion show, then introductory about the products, then lunch and end but they really surprised me!

Fashion show is sponsored by Love, Bonito (one of my favorite online shops ever!). Why did I say that they surprised me? Because for the fashion show, to demonstrate the power of eye makeup, all the models only had one eye done!

Obviously I would know the power, God knows how much I depend on le eyeliner and false lashes to open up my eyes hehe 😉

After the show, lunch was served while the makeup artist explained the 4 products of the launch.

  1. Maybelline Clear Smooth BB UV White
  2. Maybelline Jelly Glow Blush
  3. Maybelline Volume Express Magnum Ultra Comb Waterproof Mascara
  4. Maybelline Master Liner White

I owned Clear Smooth BB cream and I love it! Although it is  small tube, it is enough because the coverage is relatively good. This Clear Smooth BB UV White is specially for girls who love to be in the sun as it has SPF 50 which is the highest in the market. Everyone knows how important SPF is right? Even if you are staying indoors most of the time, I would recommend you to put on a sunblock of SPF 15 as sunlight does get into your office as well!

I was seated with Minghui who is very lovely, and YOUNG. only 20, le sigh! my youth is passing by so quickly.

quick tip: white liner used for your lower water line opens up your eyes and give you the barbie look. Line only 3/4 for a more natural look! use it as a highlighter for your brow by placing a tiny amount on your finger to warm it up and gently spread it over your browbones and inner corners of your eyes 🙂

Next up was a local artist explaining his work. I was too busy with the food can’t really hear what he was saying sooooo =x

And finally, the models reappeared with their makeup fully done! 😀

Maybelline BB UV White is already available in stores and Watsons is having a ‘Buy 3 for the price of 2’ for Maybelline products! 😀

Rest of the products will be available in stores from April onwards. Keep a lookout for them! Can’t wait to play with these new goodies soon. THANKS AGAIN MAYBELLINE for hosting us! I had a lot of fun and hoped that I will be able to take part in more of such events in future!

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March 10, 2012 at 6:48 PM