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My life in Instagram (3)

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First week of work over! Right now, enjoying the last bits of my weekend and heading over to mom’s place for a short dinner afterwards.


1) my new candles ❤ Yankee candles burn really well and last a longer time, as compared to Bath & Body Works anyway.


2) mini beauty haul from ASOS. Been using Rimmel’s Wake Me Up and Match Perfection Concealer, and I have really been loving how they look on my skin!


3) a smoothie to start my morning…..that was when I still had time to make a smoothie in the morning while on my break hahaha


4) Banana muffins, a result of being bored one night when I was home alone. Healthy and yummy 🙂


5) Haul from


6) yummy chicken salad I had at a friend’s birthday dinner.

Right now, I am trying not to be so addicted to using the computer/phone now and try to read more! I keep buying books but I never get around to reading them until ages later. I have like, at least 10 unread books T_T

Seriously can’t wait for my beach vacation but feeling bummed that it may not happen after all.


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June 5, 2013 at 4:54 PM

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My life in Instagram (2)

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Yet another series I started and abandoned *sheepish*

I started it because I had just gotten Instagram not too long ago and wanted it to be part of the blog! Currently, I am still addicted to IG but just gotten lazy with le blog heh.

So here’s some of my favorite photos from there, I post mainly outfits and food. Follow me @ashlynechen if you haven’t already 😉


1) one bored day in Sydney. photos from Sydney coming up next! 🙂


2) brunch with Terry, my bro and church mates. blessed afternoon with awesome food ❤


3) my very first attempt at a green smoothie! spinach, bananas and apples. Does not work as a meal replacement for me because I get hungry after 2 hours =/ BUT a good way for me to get some veggies in my diet.


4) brunch I made the other day for T and I. Satisfying.


5) another selfie lol.


6) chicken mango salad, really easy and healthy 🙂 I am trying to eat better for some meals, better than nothing and is a start.


7) my new bag! From Rebecca Minkoff, been lusting for it since forever and didn’t get it when I was in the States last year. But I am glad I decided to bite the bullet and order it off Shopbop when they had 20% off (score!). Very happy with my purchase, it is made really well and I love the color. Still I wish it is an inch wider, this bag can hold the minimun, good for training myself not to bring so much crap out.


Excited to be heading to Beijing this Thursday but feeling a bit meh about heading over to Shanghai and Shenzhen again. Guess I will probably be spending most of my time in the hotel room and catch up with my reading.

Will definitely have plenty of time to blog! xx

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May 13, 2013 at 5:37 PM

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My life in Instagram (1)

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I really do not like leaving the blog untouched for too long so here I am posting a few photos. Yes I finally got on instagram! add me @ ashlynechen 🙂

By the way how’s everyone preparing for Christmas? I just bought my Christmas cards yesterday, can you believe it?!


1) simple salmon I did one night when T was not around. super yummy and easy!


2) got these Cath Kidston lip balms from ASOS. Love the scents!


3) My first Vanitytrove. Courtesy of Allerine as I won a hamper from them. Check them out, I have really been enjoying their teas ^^


4) my new keychain ❤


5) macaroons that Vivian bought for us one LG night. sinful much.


6) this is my latte just last Sunday, at The Fabulous Baker Boys. by the way, I find them too expensive. $8 for a slice of cake and $16 for a beef pie? *frowns* it’s not even a proper restaurant, just a cafe hmm.


7) my bath&body works hand sanitizers. MAJOR LOVE ❤  for those wondering, I shipped it over via vPost and got a few candles as well during their Black Friday sale.


8) Paris Baguette – Strawberry shortcake. A little treat to perk myself up this rainy morning.


9) and leaving my favorite photo for last – my pretty full length mirror. Didn’t have space for a Christmas tree so I suppose this has to work. I am really looking forward to moving in 3-5 years time and having a real Christmas tree 😀


Have a Merry Christmas everyone! xx

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December 19, 2012 at 5:47 PM

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