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I’m married!

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Here’s some photos before I blog a little more in detail.

1) my nails are done at Shine Salon, Far East Outlet. It is gelish and I opt for a gradient effect. My manicurist recommended me to get a single bling because I wanted something simple. Love it!

2) my hand bouquet, absolutely stunning.

3) me with my makeup and hair done, waiting inside the room while the gatecrash is happening. Very satisfied with the results, especially with how the flowers in my hair match my bouquet. Bought the flowers the night before and glad that my MUA was able to do a fantastic job with it.

4) the morning after the wedding. T and I sitting near The Rocks (Shangri-La’s Rasa Resort) enjoying the breeze after breakfast before checking out.

5) <3<3<3


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July 10, 2012 at 10:23 AM

Gelish Nails

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I’m back from Melbourne! Weather was crazy over there, and the sun sets at 9pm. I love the long hours because I get to be on the road for a longer time! heh. I’m super behind the travelogues though, gonna try to finish up Paris this week and then start on Shanghai and finally Melbourne.

For this trip, I wanted my nails to be extra special because I’m taking my pre-wedding photos and I needed it to last so I opt for gelish nails. This is my second time doing it and I’m happy to say that it is still looking good after nearly 2 weeks! :p

Gorgeous right? 😉

I had mine done at Shine Studio @ Far East Plaza. For my gel nails (inclusive of soak-off) and a normal classic pedicure, it is priced at $68 (exclusive of GST). I don’t know a lot of salon’s prices, but I think this is slightly more expensive. BUT, I really like the environment there and my manicurist is super nice (and efficient)! For me, that is very important as I wouldn’t want to go to an unknown place and then risk getting my nails infected by fungus or what not =/

Ok, I’m going to prepare for an interview now. Wish me luck! x

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January 17, 2012 at 11:59 AM

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BKK Part 2

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Day 4

Wearing my new tshirt I got from DailyFresh and it says ‘Fat people are harder to kidnap.’. I wished they had added a ‘yo’ for effect haha!

I went to Pratunam Market which was near Platinum Shopping mall. The items there are cheaper, but usually they require you to buy 3 items and above to get the wholesale price. Not a good idea to go alone, unless you are hardcore like me, can buy 3 pieces of the same design in different colours. FOR MYSELF 😛

Decided to rest my feet at Tom N Toms Coffee and have a late lunch.

Travelling alone has made me grown to LOVE coffee places, in particular Starbucks. Sometimes when I don’t know where to go, and I do not want to be back in the hotel room (again!), I would just find a corner, order a java chip and chill. I feel sheltered from the rest of the world, and their music is strangely calming.

I was reading the poster where it explained where it explained the word expresso come from. I cringe my nose, because I think that expresso sucks. Then it occurred to me that I don’t even remember how expresso taste like! SIGH. I wish I would stop being so judgmental.

Because it was our last dinner, T decided to bring me somewhere special where he claims has the most awesome fried curry crab in BKK.

Look at the massive amount of food ordered and we finished everything! Except for a bit of the oyster. Too many oysters =  NOT good for the body 😡

Somboon Seafood, Thailand.

Check out tripadvisor for more reviews!

Day 5

top: forever21, outerwear & shorts: Platinum Mall, headband: MBK

Because we have to check out at 130pm, I didn’t have time for anything else except to do my nails and grab some snacks for family.

Found this awesome place to do nails at cheap prices! My nail art post is here.

To get here, go to the second floor and exit to another building. Or like me, ask around till you find the place. There are two places to do nails, and mine is done at Pinky Nails, which is the second store.

One funny thing is the first time I went there, the manicurist mistaken me as a Korean. And the second time I went there, their customer spoke to me in JAPANESE and she is a Thai! My manicurist was laughing at me la, say that I don’t look Singaporean at all LOL.

And, just the day before, a Korean spoke to me in Korean. o.0 I shall graciously accept all compliments, since Korean girls are pretty (think SNSD). an-yung! xx

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September 12, 2011 at 5:08 PM

back from bkk!

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No, this post is not about BKK, because I am incredibly slow in sorting photos and uploading them heh 😉

And no, I did not wear that to BKK, I just felt like posting photos of myself because I haven’t done that for a few posts now *sheepish*

Top: H&M, Necklace: Tiffany&Co, Hairband: BKK 

Finally some photos that I am eager to post are of the nail art I did in BKK. It’s so cheap!

This star-design only costs 150baht which is sgd$6! Awesome right. Went back on the last day to do my toes and a new design for hands.

The apple is SO CUTE! *wiggles toes* and my rose french tips. sigh, life IS really good.

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September 9, 2011 at 3:36 PM

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Orange; the new color of passion.

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I went thinking about doing red for both hands and toes, but ended up with these instead.





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August 4, 2011 at 4:18 PM

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I left my heart in Tokyo (Part I)

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Ok this post is like SUPER late, I’m almost never gonna post it up but I miss going on a holiday too much! so the next best thing to do is to re-live my most recent holidays I guess.

And yes, as the title suggests, this is about my Tokyo trip in March. I missed 2 days of lecture for this trip, but it was WORTH IT because it was so much more fun than my previous trip.

The one bad thing about flying to Tokyo? The early flight!

I am the kind of person goes to the airport last minute and fly down the hallway to the departure gate. But T, is the type who will arrive like 2.5 hours before because he doesn’t like to rush.

So we usually chill in the lounge and take a couple of photos.

loving the colorful bangles I got from BKK. SUPER MISS BKK T__T

random photo of us goofing around on the plane HAHA.

Finally arrived at Narita Airport. I still remembered T saying that I act like a local because once I am at the arrival hall, I immediately went to the counter to purchase our bus tickets to get to the hotel LOL.

I look super calm but was actually paniacking because it was WAY COLDER than I had imagined. When I stepped out of the airport, it felt like I wasn’t wearing anything 😦

nails for the trip.

at Shinagawa Price Hotel. We got a pretty high floor and the view was STUNNING.

some peektures before heading out to the opposite street for some ramen loving.

hi baby =D

the famous shibuya road.

we made a quick trip to Shibuya because I badly need to get something warmer to last me for the week! settled for a leather jacket bought at Shibuya 109 2.

feeling slightly happier.

our favorite supermarket for stocking up on drinks and tidbits!

so i bought this top and frameless specs which is the trend now, how NOT to camwhore? hehe…


Oh-haiyo gozaimaz!

after experiencing the unforgiving weather, I decided to wrap myself up hehe.

And it was time to head to AMEYOKO!

The name “Ameyoko” is a short form for “Ameya Yokocho” (candy store alley), as candies were traditionally sold there. Today, various products such as clothes, bags, cosmetics, fresh fish, dried food and spices are sold along Ameyoko.


i couldn’t resist that ET photo LOL. and I had shanghai Xiao Long Bao for lunch.

looks very different but tastes pretty much the same except that the skin was hard. I found the street pretty interesting and I bought snacks for my colleagues and a pair of casual boots for only sgd$30!

after that, I headed to Shibuya because I am meeting my Japanese friend, Miki!

While waiting for the train.

some street store in Shibuya with cute pandas.

and omg saw Samantha Thasvana store and I was so excited! Below are 2 photos I managed to take before being stopped by the store assistant. Didn’t get a bag from there though, but I got one from Samantha Vega 😀

after wandering alone, Miki finally came and we shopped around a little bit more! I remembered buying a coat and also to H&M and other stores before settling for dinner.

 Hi Miki. Met her from my US product training trip.

sweet sweet sake *slurps*

AND, food galore!

us after dinner. gotta go back out in the cold after such a cosy experience FOL.

and best buy for the day?

these bracelets from H&M. love them so much that I bought ALL the colors. yea I get a little irrational sometimes.

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May 27, 2011 at 6:02 PM

leopard print

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Today I went Ion and lasted less than an hour there. I don’t know why but I just don’t have the mood to shop! So I went to do my nails instead. while doing my nails, i got tempted to put hair extensions. should I?!

irrelevant me photos because I haven’t been posting them for a very long time HAHAHAHA.


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January 23, 2011 at 11:36 AM

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