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Back to work!

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Started work 2 weeks ago on 4 Aug and sent baby T for her first day of infant care on 1 Aug which is a Friday.

Her first day was uneventful, albeit the fact that they actually gave her some other baby’s EBM because there were 2 new babies on that day wtf. Don’t know whether to be happy that she accidentally got an extra bottle of breastmilk or freak out. Anyway, the teacher said that she didn’t fuss while drinking which is expected because she is ok with BM or formula, and even the oral Rotavirus vaccine hahaha.

And on Monday when we brought her back, she was so tired that she actually slept through the night (usually she still has to wake up for 1 night feed). She also started coughing and it soon developed into a phlegmy cough along with a runny nose that we brought her to the PD on Wednesday. After bringing her to the PD, she started pooping even more often (after every feed) zzz. I think this is the first time I have seen her being so listless so we decided to keep her home on Thursday since T was around and my mom could come over in the afternoon to help. Even then, she slept a lot and even fell asleep by herself while T took his morning shower. Friday I worked from home and thankfully we had a long weekend since Saturday is National Day so she rested for 5 days at home.

By then, she has slowly recovered so we sent her back on Tuesday. Actually is because we had no choice since both of us had to work. And Thursday morning T flew off (morning flight at 7am!) so I had to handle baby T all by myself for 2 nights. Thank God it is a very short trip this time round! T opt for ungodly hours just so he could minimize the time away from home J He is super worried because I always have a ton of things to carry, i.e. my bag, pump, baby T’s school bag and of course the baby who is already a hefty 7.3kg! He even casually mentioned to my mom that he is worried that I wouldn’t be able to cope after I reached home from work but he said that my mom’s reaction is that I should be fine. To that, I felt disappointed but I should have expected it I guess. Even though she kept saying that she is willing to help but talk is cheap. I told her that I am looking for a new house and she told me that I should move closer to her so that it will be easier for her to come over if I need the help, but come on, how often will she be willing to come over?

So, on Thursday morning, I was all ready for a battle but surprisingly, baby T slept after I nursed her during the morning so I breezed through my morning chores. At night she was not too grumpy, and I even managed to sneak a quick shower before starting her bedtime routine! *fist pump* She refused to drink from the bottle that night though so I nursed her.

On Friday, it wasn’t as easy as Thursday because she woke up around 6plus but still manageable while I whizzed around the house trying to get stuff done. It was Friday evening that I was most amazed by myself. Because it was the weekend, I had to bring baby T’s bedding stuff on top of her regular clothes and whatnot from the centre to wash. And so I carried her, my pump, her stuff, and my bag up in one go! The most difficult part was locking the car and opening the door but I DID IT. For a moment I did feel like my back was going to break though haha.

But I am glad to have survived.

Everyone is always asking me why my mom is not willing to take care of baby T, especially since she is the FIRST grandchild in the family. I really do not know what to say, make up some feeble excuse or tell the truth? The truth is that she rather have her freedom! Who cares about baby T potentially exposed to a lot of germs and very possibly HFMD? Who cares about me having to spend a ridiculous amount on infant care? True, she did come over a few times during my maternity leave in the afternoon when T is traveling (and that is only after telling my auntie that I had intended on getting part time help and my auntie said that my mom should come over so I can save that money for baby T’s other expenses). But everytime I ask her for help, she always guilt trip me and I know that this will come back and haunt me one day too. She says that she doesn’t show favoritism. She said that she spent the most time on me during my childhood to make me feel more loved (only after learning from my friend that I repeatedly told everyone in school that I hate my mom). And she kept saying that I am her daughter and she is willing to do anything for me and I should understand since I have baby T now.

Right and? All these are just talk. And she asks why I keep holding onto old grudges, then proceeds to complain to everyone about what an unfeeling daughter I am for not calling her to show concern.

Ugh. I can’t even. Gonna end this post right here.


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August 17, 2014 at 4:50 PM

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No, this is not going to be a long-assed post reviewing my year in 2013 and setting unachievable goals in 2014. BUT I still want to write something, haven’t done that for a long time anyway.

The only thing I want to remain myself for 2014 is to stay positive! It is going to be difficult with so many changes in personal life and work and my increasingly negative outlook in life but I am going to TRY.

Also, I tried being very giving in 2013 and did enjoy it most of the time. But towards the end of the year, I got more and more unhappy with my family because I felt like I was the only one giving all the time. Anyway, they can’t say that I am stingy because that’s what they taught me along with twisted logics like how paying money to a nanny to take care of me and only bringing me back on Sat night is the act of noble parents.

Yes I am starting off 2014 angry, and I don’t even know if it will subside by the end of the year. Maybe I will get distracted, maybe not. They always say once you have your own kids, you will finally understand your parents’ pain in bringing you up but all I feel is anger and disappointment that I have shut off over the teenage years due to my focus on getting a better life. Or maybe it’s because I have bee sober now for 6 months.

Perhaps this is why they always say don’t bottle your feelings.

Whatever it is, I have to really get myself to stay focused again on the new goals T and I have set for our family in this roller-coaster year and stay positive!

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January 2, 2014 at 11:38 PM

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My email to Pandora Jewelry

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Recently, I had an extremely unpleasant experience at a Pandora Jewelry outlet. I had sent an email to them but there’s no response so I have decided to post it on my blog to remind myself never to go back there and to warn other people about their bad customer service.


Dear Anne,

I came across your email on Pandora’s website when I was looking for an avenue to feedback my recent experience at one of Pandora’s outlets (the one at Ion Orchard).

Before I start, I must say that I have always liked Pandora because its charms are lovely and provides some form of customization, yet it does not look tacky. I enjoyed wearing my bracelet everyday and get compliments often. And because I wear it often, I do try to get it polished at the shop every few months. I am happy that Pandora has more outlets as compared to the past but I go to Ion Orchard more often as it is close to where I stay.

On 26 December (just this past Wednesday), I went to Ion for dinner with friends and I made a point to deposit my bracelet first as I know it will take more than one hour before they can polish my bracelet and hand it back to me (is it even normal to take more than one hour?!).

I reached the store with my friend around 650pm and all the store’s assistants were busy with customers. I stood near the counter and Shida (on her tag, and it says store manager) acknowledged me and asked me to wait while she served other customers. I didn’t even get a chance to tell her that I just want to drop off my bracelet for polishing. So I waited while she served 2 customers. Meanwhile, she did not even ask me what my intention was but she did manage to juggle 2 separate customers showing both of them charms and what not.

After 20 minutes, the second customer finally made her purchase and left. I suspect that she wants to keep me waiting and hopefully my patience runs out and she won’t have to deal with me as I already took off my bracelet and was patiently waiting for her to attend to me while chatting with my friend.

Anyway, she actually asked me to continue waiting as she wanted to serve another customer that her colleague was juggling! At that time, as I mentioned, I already had my bracelet off and I would think that my intention was quite obvious (to have it polished!).

I couldn’t wait any longer as we were meeting other friends for dinner so I told her that I just want to leave it for cleaning and told her that she can take her time as I am going off for dinner. She grudgingly said ok, BUT I would have to come back tomorrow to collect it. At the moment, I was shocked and repeated that it was ok for me to come back late and collect at the end of the day. Her explanation was that there were a lot of customers so she won’t have the time to polish today.

Again is it even normal practice to ask customers to come back tomorrow? Why not ask the current customers to come back tomorrow to browse?

So Anne, my question to you, is serving a new customer (who may not even give you a sale) more important than serving an existing customer who has already purchased and more likely to purchase more charms in future?

I tried to maintain my stand that I wanted it to be polished by tonight and do you know what your store manager told me? “If you really want, I can ask my intern to polish but it will not be as clean”. First, if she has to spare someone, is it necessary for her to emphasize that I can only get an intern to clean it? Secondly, is she threatening me by saying that my bracelet won’t be as clean but because I insisted on it so she has no choice but to do a hasty job?

Same question again, so new customers deserve a fully qualified person to serve them but an existing customer can’t even manage to secure someone to sit down for ten minutes to polish her bracelet? In addition, serving a new customer will most definitely take more than ten minutes! Surely you can understand my disappointment and frustration.

In the end, I gave up arguing with her as I am very upset and do not want to spoil my mood for dinner with friends later on.

Usually, I would let unpleasant experiences pass and not hold a grudge but this is not the first time I have experienced such bad attitude from this outlet’s staff. I cannot remember when the other times were but this is the most recent one. The other times were also not as extreme (but still a bad experience!).

This has left a bad taste and I would most definitely not be heading back to this particular outlet, or even in Singapore since I can get Pandora elsewhere too. I will also not recommend my friends to get anything from Pandora if I had known that the after-service would be so sub-standard (although I don’t seem to have any issues with other outlets)

Maybe it’s time to focus some of the marketing efforts on training your service staff instead.

I sincerely hope that you will take my feedback into serious consideration and do something about it.

Thank you for your attention.



If you have made it to the end, kudos to you! Say no to bad customer service, we should speak up more often 🙂

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January 17, 2013 at 7:38 PM

Bad Experience with Harvey Norman

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Seriously, this is one of the worst customer service experience I had ever had.

Sometime ago in 2009, I bought a Samsung ST550 from the IT fair and the person recommended me their extended warranty service. As the camera has a touch screen, I thought it would be better to purchase another 2 years warranty in additional to the 1 year extra that Samsung provided.

At that time, I still remembered asking the person ‘so do I have to keep the receipt? How do I get the camera repaired?

The sales person clearly told me that I DO NOT have to keep the receipt because I just have to quote my IC number and I can go to any Harvey Norman store to get it repaired.

So I paid an extra $50 happily and thought nothing much about it anymore.


When I had to get the camera repaired, I went to the store and the store told me to call Samsung. Ok, then.

So I called Samsung and they told me that the one year warranty that they provide is already over and ask me to go back to Harvey Norman since I bought the extended warranty from them.

I went back to Harvey Norman and this time, they gave me a brochure about their Extended Warranty Service and asked me to call this hotline. At that time, I was already quite pissed off because the people that I have encountered so far are really unfriendly and won’t go an extra step to help you or even to explain more.

A few minutes ago, I just called the hotline and they told me that they require the INVOICE NUMBER. DAFUG?!!?

I informed the person that I was told I wasn’t required to keep the invoice and she told me that she can’t help me unless I tell her the exact date of purchase. MY BLOOD WAS BOILING AT THAT TIME. HOW THE FUCK AM I SUPPOSED TO REMEMBER THE DATE? I BUY SO MUCH IN A YEAR YOU THINK I REMEMBER THE DATES FOR ALL OF THE ITEMS?!!!

And again! I was being asked to call the store to ask for my invoice number by providing my handphone number.

Guess what? The store said that they don’t have my record and ask me if I remembered if it was a big invoice or a small one, if it’s a small one she can’t check for me etc etc….



Although I don’t use this camera anymore, but this is really a bad experience! How many $50 have you cheated huh HARVEY NORMAN? I hope that those who read this won’t buy from Harvey Norman anymore, or at least DON’T get their extended warranty service. IT’S A CHEAT!

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February 20, 2012 at 2:33 PM