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Gardens by the Bay

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It’s friday! Can’t believe how fast the week just flew by, although I felt like I didn’t accomplish much. Not sure if I am too slow or my expectations are too high.

Anyway, I decided to be hardworking and finish up this post since I already got the photos sorted anyway. So it’s true that if you have more things on your plate, you will tend to be less lazy hahaha

One of the rare dates that T and I went on recently is to Gardens by the Bay because I wanted to catch Tulipmania. It was the only day that both of us were free and sadly, the tulips were not in bloom! wtf.

Still, it was fun since it’s the first time I’ve been there anyway.


P1060509 P1060513




Taking some time to smell the flowers heh 😉







All bulbs and no tulips ;(



Theses were the only tulips in bloom.




Misleading poster! My unhappiness is written on my face hahahaha




P1060606 P1060607

Moving on to the other dome…

P1060613 P1060621








Ended the day by walking pass Au Chocolat that was almost empty, and I was really pissed about it because I called earlier on for a reservation but they said they were full for the whole day. Second wtf of the day. Also bought a strawberry pie that’s yummy but not yummy enough to justify $12. So I don’t think I will want to go back there for food anymore.


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June 14, 2013 at 10:34 PM

My life in Instagram (3)

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First week of work over! Right now, enjoying the last bits of my weekend and heading over to mom’s place for a short dinner afterwards.


1) my new candles ❤ Yankee candles burn really well and last a longer time, as compared to Bath & Body Works anyway.


2) mini beauty haul from ASOS. Been using Rimmel’s Wake Me Up and Match Perfection Concealer, and I have really been loving how they look on my skin!


3) a smoothie to start my morning…..that was when I still had time to make a smoothie in the morning while on my break hahaha


4) Banana muffins, a result of being bored one night when I was home alone. Healthy and yummy 🙂


5) Haul from


6) yummy chicken salad I had at a friend’s birthday dinner.

Right now, I am trying not to be so addicted to using the computer/phone now and try to read more! I keep buying books but I never get around to reading them until ages later. I have like, at least 10 unread books T_T

Seriously can’t wait for my beach vacation but feeling bummed that it may not happen after all.

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June 5, 2013 at 4:54 PM

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Sydney – Part 3

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I figured that since I am starting my new job tomorrow, I should finish my Sydney posts since I went while I was still in my previous job 🙂

After taking a short nap at the hotel, I headed to The Rocks to catch the sunset and Sydney Opera House. Wanted to catch the free downtown bus but I think I missed it. Took me half an hour to walk over but the view was worth it!



These are the photos of the bridge where I was sitting, before the sun set, during and after.




And the ones for Sydney Opera Bridge ❤




It was such a beautiful evening, and an almost perfect one just because T was not with me.

Here’s to a new chapter in life with my new job, really want this to work out for the long term since it is the kind of company that I have been wanting to get into.

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June 2, 2013 at 11:04 AM

The ‘Use-it-up’ Project (19) – May Edition

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Currently having some wine while doing this post. I actually haven’t drank a lot recently, because they are full of empty calories.

Here’s the stuff that I used up this past month, I am still really enjoying this series! Well, I guess you can tell because this is the only series that I really make a conscious effort to maintain hahaha 😉


1) Lucido-l – Hair Curl Lotion <Airy>

why did I buy it? Wanted a heat protectant

first impressions? actually till now I am still unsure on how to judge if a heat protectant works or not!

upon finishing? I have not finished this yet but I feel that it makes my hair feel stiff so I am just going to discard it. Had it for a pretty long time anyway.

2) Bioderma – Sensibio H2O

why did I buy it? my favorite makeup remover! got the one for sensitive skin one this time round.

first impressions? works the same as the one for oily skin.

upon finishing? I will repurchase this till I stop using makeup hahahah.

3) Laneige – Sliding Pact_ex Snow UV Crystal in 2 Bright Skin Tone

why did I buy it? got it as a birthday gift a long time ago! 🙂

first impressions? works pretty well as a pressed powder. love the packaging as well.

upon finishing? almost done with it, but since I have had it for so long and haven’t used it in a while I have decided to discard this as well. I probably should have done this a long time ago. Sigh, I love buying powders but the thing is, I hardly ever use powder! SMH

4) Jimmy Choo – Jimmy Choo EDT

why did I buy it? got it in one of my Bellaboxes.

first impressions? smells rather light and rather different from what I normally use.

upon finishing? Unfortunately this is not a scent that I had fallen for, so off you go! I am however eyeing a Chloe perfume though 😉

5) Korres – Evening Primrose Eye Cream

why did I buy it? wanted to try out Korres skincare since it uses mostly natural ingredients and this eye cream came as part of a kit I ordered.

first impressions? love the tube as it is more hygienic, not too thick and absorbs well.

upon finishing? I felt like this is just an average eye cream, nothing special to rave about. I really want to find something potent, to prevent fine lines and lighten my dark circles!

6) The Body Shop – Satsuma Shower Gel

why did I buy it? got it as a Christmas exchange present and I was super happy about it!

first impressions? not my first time using this and I am still loving the scent very much ❤

upon finishing? this is a travel size that I brought along for travels and I have finished it on my recent China trip. Very lovely scent and will purchase it when there is a sale of some sort for their shower gels since I have lots of shower gels/soaps to go through.

7) SKII – Facial Treatment Cleanser

why did I buy it? bought this sample sometime ago and almost forgot that I had it! been using it for the past few travels since it is a good travel size.

first impressions? love the scent and cleans really well too.

upon finishing? it does works well but I don’t think I will spare that much money right now! Maybe when I am older…….

Also, something extra this month – Decided to include 2 candles as well as these 2 are the candles that I had really grown to love!


8) Franc Franc – Candle in Spa Serenity 

why did I buy it? there’s a 20% off I believe and I believe that one can never have enough candles.

first impressions? at the store, I picked this scent up as an afterthought among other scents but when I got home and burned it, it SMELLED SO GOOD! Like it became my favorite out of the rest.

upon finishing? Definitely will be heading back to purchase it if I am in the area!

9) Yankee Candle – Beach Walk

why did I buy it? smells very light, and suitable as a day scent.

first impressions? love it! Very subtle as it only has 1 wick, but it does makes the whole area smells so good and cheers me up.

upon finishing? have already gotten a small one in the same scent, and a big one in ‘Sun and Sand’. Am really liking all the lighter and refreshing scents recently ❤


Now that wasn’t too bad at all for this month. Also takes off the guilt of doing a little too much shopping recently, and I foresee for the month to come because of the many sales going on!

For now, I know Neiman Marcus, Saks, Nordstrom, Ssense and Forward by Elyse Walker are having a sale event. Eagerly waiting for Net-a-porter Asia’s sale to be ready.Please let me know if you come across any good sales, thank you! xx

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June 1, 2013 at 11:53 PM